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Quick Look: Scosche kickBACK S case for iPhone 3G/S

Scosche kickBACK S

The Scosche kickBACK S is a half transparent plastic, half rubber case with a stand built into the back. The case slips onto the iPhone much like a silicone suit (it’s about as thin as one, too), and you can take it off just as easily by using the cut-out surrounding the iPhone’s Apple logo to push it off.

You still have full access to the screen with the kickBACK on (it doesn’t even reach the bezel), and the fit is secure. All of the iPhone’s corners are covered, but only the top is protected by plastic.
The plsatic kick stand along the back is easy to take out and use, and it clicks right into place when you’re done using it. Using the case as a stand is a great way to watch a video, and it’s actually a decent way to bypass buying a dock – although it can be a little awkward, since most of the iPhone’s basic functions are portrait-only (calendar, incoming phone calls, etc.)
The case covers the volume and power buttons in rubber, and has cut-outs for the earphone jack (not all that wide – so watch out if your headphones feature a big jack), camera lens, and ringer switch. The camera hole is especially interesting, since it slopes inwards towards the lens, and it’s definitely more  elegant than the usual straight hole that is simply drilled into most cases.

The kickBACK S is a functional case, but I doubt I’ll be using it for very long. The cut-out for the Apple logo is useful for taking the case off, but I could do without it. Then there are the two rubber feet that keep the case stable on a table (my first rhyme of 2010!) and help prevent scratching – I find them too visually distracting. I like my cases to sport a more uniform look, and I think the back of the kickBACK S is just too busy. But if you don’t mind that look, then you can find out more about the case on Scosche’s website.

You can pick up your own kickBACK S for $34.99 from Scosche.

The kickBACK S was gifted to me by a friend for review on the site. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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