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How-to: More Useful Quick Look Plug-ins

In my last post I explained how to install Quick Look plug-ins and showed you three of my favorites. In this post I introduce three more as well as two great sites that have dozens more.


HetimaClipping is a Quick Look plug-in for text clipping and picture clipping files. You can make a text clipping file by selecting text from an application and dragging it onto the desktop or a Finder window. Picture clippings are a rarely used file type; you can create them by dragging album artwork from iTunes or a layer from Photoshop to the Finder.

Folder Quick Look Plug-in

The Folder Quick Look Plug-in, which Mike has already written a good description of here, is a very straightforward but useful plug-in. When this plug-in is installed, instead of seeing the useless blue folder icon that you normally do when using Quick Look on a folder, you will see a list of files contained in the folder. You also get to see the time you created each file, the time you last edited it and the size of the file.


A convenient way to save a web page in Safari is as a WebArchive file, which is an exact copy of a webpage and any embedded media on it (in contrast to an HTML file which contains only text). FJNWebArchive is a Quick Look plug-in for WebArchive files.

There’s More

The plug-ins listed above and in my previous post are just a small selection of the huge variety available. For a more comprehensive list, see QuickLookPlugins.com and QLPlugins.com.

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