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The top three iPhone games I keep coming back to

top three iphone games i keep coming back to

I’ve reviewed a fair number of iPhone games for the site, and have played even more. The number of games I’ve played pales in comparison to some of the other dedicated iPhone gaming sites out there, but I like to think I have a feeling of what the platform’s gaming landscape is like. I’ve gotten to review some of the bigger releases over the past few months, but it’s the smaller games from smaller developers that have really held my attention. I suppose that makes sense, since grand, sweeping stories or specifically designed levels don’t hit me as much the second time around. But there’s just something more about Blue Attack!, Canabalt, and Minigore that keep me coming back month after month.

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Blue Attack! – $1.99
Here’s a game that I never reviewed. It’s a funny thing (haha), reviewing. You can really like a game and want to talk about it, but I also think that creating a review makes you analyze the crap (err, so to speak) out of an experience, and it can possibly take some of the fun out of things as well. I liked Blue Attack! so much when I bought it that I put off writing a review for months, just because I wanted to keep enjoying the game without thinking about it. Or maybe I was just really, really lazy.

In any case, the game is cheap enough that anybody can afford to pick it up if the premise sounds promising. Blue Attack! does more than promise, though: it delivers on some surprisingly epic space combat against some monstrously red enemies. The enemies you fight are sometimes three times the size of the iPhone screen. It’s less David vs. Goliath, and more David vs. Crimson Space Godzilla. The accelerometer controls are very tight, and there’s a very finely paced sense of advancement as you clear each level (or just play the infinite skirmish mode for high scores). The campaign stages are always the same, but the fact that there are so many different ways to upgrade your ship and wingmen make the experience different enough every time you play. It hasn’t been updated since early last year, but Blue Attack! could well be one of your favourite space shooters if you give it a shot.

Canabalt – $2.99

This stupid stinking game had me hooked within a minute or two of first playing it. Come to think of it, I doubt I lasted through my first minute of playthrough, but I was hooked anyway. Canabalt could just as easily be called “JUMP DUDE, JUMP!!!!” because that’s really all you do: tap the screen and leap. Leap from building to building, building to billboard, and eventually, to your death. It’s a simple formula, but the experience is made much more immersive because of the fine attention to detail.

The music and animation make Canabalt the excellent on-rails platformer that it is, and as far as I’m concerned, paying $2.99 to repeatedly hurtle to your death is a fine bargain.

Minigore – $1.99
If you’re a regular reader of the site, you’ve definitely seen me writing around – words flailing, sentences blazing – all in the name of Minigore and its subsequent updates. It’s a dual analog stick shooter where, as in Canabalt, you are destined to die (although this time you’re eaten alive). All of the fun happens before that point, of course.

The game has a great sense of humour, some awesome animations for splitting your enemies open in a hail of gunfire, and the most recent updates have added more enemies, more weapons, and the ability to dual wield said weapons. Minigore is the carnage that would unfold if you stuck John Rambo into a zoo full of really pissed off animals, although the game’s protagonist, John Gore, is even cuddlier (he’s a square with no legs) and better armed than Rambo ever was (infinite ammo, baby!).

Minigore. You either love it, or you don’t like games very much πŸ˜‰

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