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Gmail Push and Mercury Browser for iPhone updated: a Hit and Miss [iPhone App Updates]

Mercury Browser splash

Recently iLegendSoft updated two apps that I have recently reviewed “ Gmail Push and their Mercury Browser. Of those two, one is a worthy upgrade, and the other I had deleted before the day was over so I could reinstall the older version.

Gmail Push splash

First, the good news: Gmail Push has more than just a cosmetic update with a new, yet slightly unflattering, icon. These major changes include:

  1. now you can now access your Gmail in landscape mode;

Gmail Push landscape

  1. customize the push notification to include or exclude a badge and the elements of your choice “ sender, mail subject, and preview;
  2. the integration of a web browser that allows multiple tabs (Mercury Browser I assume). That means not only can you navigate around Gmail, any link in an email will take you directly to the website without opening Safari. There are 6 unobtrusive navigation buttons (Forward, Back, Home “ which brings you back to the email that contained the links to begin with, Compose Mail “ a handy feature, Settings, and Display Tabs)  that might bother left-handed scrollers since they are justified left at the bottom;
  3. for those concerned with the privacy of giving out your Google credentials, there is now a Forward Mode which allows you to receive mail notifications (see instructions).

Now the bad news: Mercury Browser 2.0 didn ‘t even make it a full day on my iPhone before being removed.

Mercury Browser 1

What was touted in the upgrade was a ‘redesign in user UI, and download files management. ‘ What was actually added was a splash screen (see top), a Stop loading popup box, and different navigation buttons images, one useful ‘Full Screen ‘ toggle, and one useless ‘all-about-Mercury-Browser-Pro ‘ in the bottom right corner (see above).

I have to agree with several of the latest reviews that stated that the free version removed certain functions (such as Private Browsing) and migrated it to a Pro- version that is currently unavailable in the App Store (and at the time of this writing, a 404 link on iLegendSoft ‘s website). Maybe I would have changed my mind with a little more time “ since I never utilized the Download Management feature “ but I was so irritated with the changes that I wanted my old version back.

Mercury Browser buy me

If you never knew what you were missing, version 2.0 is still a step up over Safari. But if you upgraded and are as disappointed (or not), let us know!

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  • Pete

    I installed the pro version a few days ago, and it's buggy I emailed the author about the issues. It is available in the app store under the cheesy name A+ mercury browser

    • Thanks – I think? – for how to locate the "pro" version. If it's buggy and has the same dysfunctional GUI I encountered with the free version, it's an unfortunate release before the app is ready.

  • Just changed the icon of my Gmail Push to Ilumine's Gmail icon, which looks a lot better. For reference, you've got to rename the file "Gmail Push.png