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2Do task manager updated: projects, checklists, Outlook Sync, and more [iPhone App Updates]

2Do update

version 1.2

The 2Do update that Guided Ways released last night is so big, it’s hard to believe it’s a mere dot upgrade. Didn’t we just see v1.1 in December 2009? (We did.)

The changes to the app are so numerous that it’s really best to link you to the version history on Guided Way’s website. However, I will discuss some of the biggest changes right here. Tasks are now even more customizable and can hold more information, saved searches can be set as calendars, 2Do now syncs with Outlook 2003/2007 (Win XP or higher needed), and there’s now an online backup system for your task database.

Seriously, does this look like a dot upgrade to you?

Power to the tasks
ToDo’s within 2Do are now more customizable than before. You can now add tags and specific times to tasks. They can also be turned into checklists or projects. Checklists support sub-tasks and are best for things like grocery lists, where everything is done at approximately the same time. Projects are similar to checklists, but are better for tasks with different due dates (i.e. book caterer, find wife) that all contribute to the completion of a single goal (i.e. plan wedding).
Birthdays can be imported as ToDos in their own custom calendar, and the informations is pulled straight from your address book, but only for contacts with information in the birthday field.

On the management end, ToDos can now be duplicated, and there’s now a great option for batch editing, moving, or deleting. I also really love the change to the ToDos tab within the app: tapping on it still brings activates the tab, but tapping on it when you’re already viewing the tab activates the calendar views. It makes a lot of sense, and it saves space, to boot. The UI design in 2Do is getting smarter with every update.

Outlook Sync
I haven’t tried this one at all, but Windows users now have the option of syncing their tasks with Outlook over local wi-fi, just like Mac users can sync with iCal.

Online Backup
If you’re one of those people who doesn’t use a desktop client to help manage and backup tasks, you could give this a shot instead. All you have to do is go to the Sync tab, tap on backup in the top-right corner, and then visit the displayed URL on your desktop browser. The website will have a prompt to download a file or upload a task database straight to your 2Do app. It’s a little annoying to have to type in the URL manually every time you want to do this, but it’s a start.

Timely update
I’m quite surprised that Guided Ways stuck to their timeline for the release of this update. They said that they were planning an update for January 2010, and here it is. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t really do for the makers of task management software to completely miss their deadlines, would it? That’s best to writers like me.

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  • So, is it worth it? Should I buy?

    • I certainly think so – it's one of my favourite apps. I think it offers the best on-device task management interface, although, like Greg says, there are some syncing problems. However, I've found the app to be so good that I'm really doing all of my ToDos on the iPhone now.

      The thing that really separates it from other apps is how fast it is. It's not the fastest to load up, but all of the steps you take inside the app feel like they've been thought out and tapped out well in advance. So if you're adding a new task, you can just tap the new task button, and depending on which calendar (category) you're in, you'll already have some information keyed in, and all you have to do is type a title and press enter. The keyboard even pops up automatically, so you don't have to tap inside of any dialogue boxes.

      I've used Things, ToDo, RTM, and a couple of others, and I still like 2Do the best.

  • greg

    the best todo app ever made for the Iphone. Yes! There is some problems with exchange sync, but i hope those problems will dissapear soon.
    Good Job

  • for a different view, try checking out Patrick's review of v1.0 on the site.

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