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Convertbot updated to v1.5: better selection method, search in settings, more units [iPhone App Updates]

version 1.5

version 1.5

January has been a frenzy of app updates, and they’re coming out noticeably quicker, to boot. Yesterday Tapbots released an update to Convertbot that added 60 new units and currencies, a faster unit selection method, and some interesting changes to the settings.

The two things you’ll notice almost immediately if you’re a regular Convertbot user are the selection and settings changes. The app can now detect a tap-and-hold when selecting specific units to convert (i.e. centimetres to millimetres), so you just tap on one unit box, keep your finger on the screen to rotate the wheel to a specific point, and release to select. If that sounds confusing, see this video for clarification.

The settings portion of the app shows some forward thinking on Tapbots’ part. Convertbot now holds over 500 different units and currencies, but you can switch off the ones that you don’t use, so that only the units you’d actually convert appear in the app. However, since the units are so numerous within the settings dialogue, there’s now a search bar at the top to help you activate or de-activate specific units. Very useful for selecting currencies.

It’s also worth noting that the app is now $1.99 instead of $0.99.

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