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Lovely iPhone Rumor of the Day: Verizon iPhone This Year To Be ‘One More Thing’ at Upcoming Apple Event [iPhone Rumors]


Image Source: PMP Today

Though a new iPhone model isn’t expected until June, a new report suggests Apple could use its Jan. 27 media event to announce that the next-generation handset is coming to Verizon this summer.

That’s the prediction by Peter Misek, analyst with Canaccord Adams, issued Wednesday.

That ‘s a slice from an Apple Insider report on a prediction that the ‘One More Thing ‘ moment at next week ‘s Apple event may be an announcement of an iPhone model for Verizon this summer.

More carrier competition, and less ‘your map sucks ‘ and Luke Wilson AT&T response ads “ that all sounds good to me. 🙂

Via: Apple Insider

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