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Want Smaller iPhone Icons / More Per Page? There’s a (jailbreak) App for That [Jailbreak Apps]

Shrink iPhone icons

The clever developers in the iPhone jailbreak community just keep on pumping out interesting spins on home screen and app organizing on the iPhone.  The latest one I ‘ve spotted is called Shrink.

As you can see in the screencap above, Shrink lets you reduce the size of your app icons, so that more can fit on each home screen page.

Interesting idea.  I would not like to see icons get a whole lot smaller, but a very marginal reduction allowing for more on a single page seems promising “ especially if you have those pages that are meant to be sorted by category but are currently spilling onto more than one screen.

I haven ‘t tried the app out, as I use PogoPlank and prefer its folders / wheel concept.  I ‘d love to hear your thoughts if you do give this one a try.  You can find it in the Cydia store now for $0.99.

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  • Bryan

    I bought it and have tried it. One problem. My live clock and live weather icons end up larger than the rest of the icons. Actually the weather icon gets small and then gets large, back and forth. I have written the dev about this. For now I have uninstalled it until the problem is corrected.

    That said, this app has promise and does what it says.

    I recently switched back from Pogoplank. I have my 20 favs on the home page and am using Infinidock. Really like seeing my favs. Maybe I will switch back when Pogoplank 2.0 comes out. We'll see.

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  • My Install didnt go well … I kept getting the Sad Face and the Iphone went into Safe Mode .. did this twice .. re-installing and rebooting ,, no better
    Gonna do a video and send it too the developer ..
    would like to have this … I have a lot of icons

  • UPDATE — emailed developer ,, I was told that my STACKS was the culprit …. did a Restore and Re-installed APPs and everythings is fine …

    • Oh, good stuff John – glad to hear it 🙂

  • Micha

    I just gave it à try but my icons just become smaller but i cant get more icons on à screen