Classics for iPhone is free for a limited time [iPhone Apps on Sale]


I don’t read the printed word any more because I just don’t trust objects that can’t be charged with electricity. However, there is a little something to be said about the feeling of turning a page instead of just scrolling down a stream of uninterrupted text, and so this limited time offer to download the Classics ebook app for free is interesting. Classics features over a dozen literary classics (the devs sometimes add a few more via an app update), and every title features chapters and cover art. I personally still prefer Stanza because of the built-in bookstore and the ability to add most any other book you own, but Classics’ main strength right now is the great page-turning animations.  It’s silly, but I sometimes think I’ll get a paper cut from the bloody thing.

The iTunes Store doesn’t say how long the sale will be around, but I know it’s been on for a couple of days (just took me a little while to get to this news item :P). So download quickly if you intend on trying Classics out!