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Quick Look: Find In Page, text search bookmarklet for Safari [iPhone App Reviews]


Find in Page isn’t really an app – it’s actually just a very fancy Safari bookmarklet that emulates the Ctrl-F or Cmd-F functionality on a desktop browser. All you do is load the $0.99 app up, copy the javascript code with one tap of a button, paste it into an existing bookmark, and you’re good to go.

Find in Page loads a small toolbar overlay at the bottom of your screen to help you navigate to different instances of the word you’re looking for. This bookmarklet works pretty well for the websites I visit, but it does warn that it can’t detect words when they’re formatted differently (i.e. Iron Man), and it certainly isn’t optical character recognition (so no finding words in pictures).

The last notable thing about Find In Page is that it feels like a seamless addition to Safari browsing. You don’t have to reload pages to search through them, and the bookmarklet’s toolbar sits right above the native Safari navigation bar and can be closed once you’re done searching for text.

There are other bookmarklets that do similar things (like Safari+, thanks to Code Retards), but Find In Page certainly provides the easiest way of setting this functionality up. It’s also the only one I know of that has buttons to help you jump to each found word – which is a big help!

Find In Page is available for $0.99 on the App Store.
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  • Although 99 cents isn't expensive, but if you're cheap like me there's no need to pay for this. You can easily create your own bookmarklet to have the same functionality. Visit this page for many useful bookmarklets:


    If you don't use a Mac with Safari, you can still use them. Copy/paste the javascript links into an e-mail or something and send it to your phone. Then go into the email, copy the javascript code, open Safari, and create a new bookmark (to any page). Tap the bookmark icon, tap Edit, tap the new bookmark you created, change the name, then tap on the URL you had bookmarked, delete it, and paste in the javascript.

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      • wow, thanks for the heads-up Sysrage. can't believe there's a bookmarklet to install bookmarklets 😛

        I haven't used your bookmarklets yet, but I did try the Safari Plus one out as well, and that's free.

        • That's even better than my links! Thanks! For those of you too lazy to Google, here's what Thomas is talking about (I think):


        • Yep – that's it 🙂 it's also linked above, but prob more evident here in comments.

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        • I think I've got it now, and honestly it doesn't matter. The hopes of getting it looked at or fixed are zero. Seriously, I have bigger issues that this one (no offense) sitting with Intense Debate for months with no resolution and not the slightest indication of giving a shit on their part.

    • Hello, sysrage,

      As the developer of the app, I am obviously biased, but I thought I'd chime in on the "there is no need…" part: I wrote my own Find In Page for a reason – I looked for a solution to my own problem, but could not find an adequate one – neither free nor paid. I outlined the reasons why in this post: http://findinpage.blogspot.com/2010/01/what-makes

      Aside from the UI part, it boils down to search correctness and reliability. If you want to see what I mean, just try searching for the word "div" using any of the free bookmarklets. Once you see the result, there's a whole lot of fun search terms you will be able to come up with on your own 🙂