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How To: Turn On / Off Genius for Apps on the iPhone [iPhone Tips]

iPhone Genius for Apps

Genius for Apps is a relatively new feature of the iPhone App Store (it was added as part of the iPhone OS 3.1 update) “ that helps you discover new apps that suit your tastes.  Genius ‘learns ‘ from your installed base of apps and your App Store purchases. 

I wasn ‘t overly impressed with Genius for Apps when it first emerged, but over the last few months it does appear to have learned a fair bit about what sort of apps may interest me, and I now find its recommendations considerably more interesting.

We had a question in the comments earlier about how to turn off Genius for Apps, so I thought this might be a good time to share a quick tip on how to turn the feature on and off.  It ‘s very easy, read on for the quick rundown

How To Turn On Genius for Apps:

— Open the App Store

— Go to the Featured tab

— Tap the Genius tab at the far right of the set of top tabs on the page

— Tap ‘Turn on Genius ‘ “ as shown in the screencap at the top of this post.  You ‘ll have to agree to the Genius Terms & Conditions as well.

That ‘s it.  Genius should start offering you some suggestions the next time you launch the App Store (in that same area of the Featured section).

How To Turn Off Genius for Apps:

— Open the Settings app.

— Tap on the Store section

Store Settings for iPhone

— Tap on the View Account button


— Scroll down past your billing information and address details, and choose the ‘Turn Off Genius for Apps ‘ option.

You ‘re done, and the Genius for Apps feature is turned off.

Simple stuff.  Hope it ‘s helpful for those who have been curious about how to make use of (or get rid of) this App Store feature.

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  • brenda

    tried to turn off genius for apps but cannot find the tap that says turn off genius. i see turn on genius for apps, the itunes newsletters and special offers , subscribe or unsubscribe then below that is terms of service and privacy policy. nothing else. am i doing something wrong. is there a charge for this app

    • If you see a prompt to turn it on, then it is already off.

  • Raul

    thank u sir!!!!!

  • jan


  • phil

    thanks great tips

  • May

    Thanks. Is there a charge if I turn on?

  • Kelly

    Thank you… Really helped

  • Siraj

    Thanks best tutorial it really help an I couldn’t find any other i guess people don’t realise that even basic stuff can be hard for people even like me a boffin lol 😉

  • Floe

    The features option is disabled and I don’t have store in my iPhone.

    • Keba

      You are probably on iOS 6. This is how you shut it off:
      1. Go to Settings
      2. Then, go to Privacy
      3. Now, go to Location Services
      4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on: System Services
      5. Switch “Genius for Apps” Off (it should read OFF with a grey tone)

      Note: Even if you do not “Turn On Genius” under the Apps Store’s menu, the “Genius for Apps” under your privacy settings will be defaulted to ON (Blue color) while Genius will continue to follow your location if you do not turn it off as described on the top of this posting.

  • I have a new iPad 4. When I went to the store it asked me if I wanted to turn Genius on. Of course I said yes! Unfortunately now my store is locked up. I turned off Genius to try resetting, but it didn’t work. Help please 🙂