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JotNot Scanner updated to 2.2: Dropbox integration, image rotation [iPhone App Updates]

JotNot, the amazing scanner that lives inside a $4.99 iPhone app (review here), can now send scans straight to your Dropbox…if you can get it to log in. I’m no expert Dropboxer, but you’d think I could at least figure out what the heck my Username is when I have JotNot loaded up on my iPhone and the Dropbox website account settings displayed on my Mac. So all I’ll say is that you can supposedly hook the two services together in some sort of sweet daisy chain of wireless transferring, but it’s just not working for me right now because I can’t log in.

What does work, however, is the handy new rotate feature. It did take a few guesses for me to find out which button signified “rotate” (hint: the angled ruler). The arrows that indicate an endless rotating circle actually stands for “automatically detect corners”. Huh.

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  • Chris

    I am also not able to get my dropbox account to sign in..! Seems to be a bug!:(