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Want to Rate Your Latest Hookup Like a D-bag? There’s an App for That

iMakeLove iPhone app

OK, so Valentines Day is tomorrow.  Here ‘s a perfect app to make sure you don ‘t need to worry yourself at all about this holiday next year “ the iMakeLove app for your iPhone.

iMakeLove, the first and only application that allows you to value the quality of your sexual life,in order to verify whether your partners are up to your potentiality and desires.

The use is very easy. After each intercourse, record the required data: the special algorithm created by Saidmade Staff will process them to formulate statistics for every single aspect
of your performance (length-orgasms-satisfaction) and will provide a global evaluation of your sexual relations.

The first, the only “ amazing.  How have iPhone users survived for so long without an app for rating your partner ‘s performance and getting a ‘global evaluation ‘ of it?

Here ‘s another wonderful slice of the app ‘s description:

The first release in a special edition for the Valentine Day 2010, but Saidmade Staff is already developing others hot surprises for the future upgrades:
iMakeLove will be the indispensable tech-gift for geek lovers, lonely hearts, playboys 2.0, couples either satisfied or inexperienced.

Perfect.  Nothing says Valentines Day and Romance to someone like whipping out your iPhone and filling out a scorecard about them ‘after each intercourse ‘. Or does it say ‘I ‘m a complete tosser, please smash my iPhone into tiny little pieces for me ‘?

If you need to entice someone into destroying your iPhone, or just to find a creative way to break off a relationship, the iMakeLove app is out now in the App Store, and it actually costs money to get it ($0.99).

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