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Hide your iPhone dock and status bar with SBSimplify [Jailbreak Apps]

EyeDevs, the same folks who made SnowCover Pro, have released a new commercial tweak on Cydia. If you’re itching for an even “cleaner” look for your iPhone Springboard without going through the trouble of setting up complicated Winterboard themes, SBSimplify can hide the status bar and dock to show only the 4×4 grid of icons. You will lose out on a lot of crucial device info without the status bar, but that information should still show up on the lock screen and within applications. SBSimplify is linked to  Activator, so you should be able to toggle it on and off at will with the press of a hardware button or a quick swipe of the screen.

The Springboard does look interesting with just the page indicators and icons on-screen, but I could probably never go this route. I’m too attached to the status bar and the extra notifications I receive from the jailbreak app Notifier, and I’m just horribly addicted to SBSettings and I want to be able to activate it from any screen.

SBSimplify is available for $0.99 on Cydia. [image via iClarified]

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