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Don’t Mess with Find My iPhone


Here in my home state there are highway billboards that say ‘Don ‘t Mess with Texas ‘.  They ‘re used in an anti-littering ad campaign, but I think they ‘re also meant to be an across the board warning, just don ‘t even think about messing with Texas sorta thing. 

I also think that perhaps the Find My iPhone feature of Mobile Me should adopt this slogan (with a slight Texas-removing modification), after reading stories like the one posted in TUAW a couple days back.

A couple of iPhones were apparently stolen from a mother and daughter at the Busch Gardens theme park in Florida “ but the teenage daughter quickly figured out a way to foil the robbers

The police and park security were called, and then the 13-year-old crime victim remembered MobileMe. In an employee break room, the teenager logged into the family MobileMe account using an officer’s laptop. (It’s worth noting that while this process used to require a desktop browser, you can now access Find My iPhone from another iPhone.)

The officers dispatched another squad car to go to the displayed location, where a man sitting outside an apartment building hurriedly concealed a cellphone when the officers approached.

You guessed it. He had one of the stolen iPhones; the other one was inside the apartment. Police reports say Richard Emerson, 25, admitted the theft and is charged with grand theft. He’s out on bail, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it is his 19th arrest.

It took 45 minutes from the time of the theft to the arrest of the man. MobileMe may not be for everybody, but the Find my iPhone feature is getting a pretty good track record.

I keep Location Services turned on just for this feature.  In fact, it ‘s my biggest reason for keeping the Mobile Me service.  Don ‘t Mess with Find My iPhone and Don ‘t Litter in Texas!


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  • Yeah, I read the same story the other day…. Everytime I see a story like that it makes me feel better about paying for MobileMe. I wish I could have been there to see it go down.

  • It would be nice if apple could provide this function without having to pay for MobileMe. I have no need for MobileMe, but would like to pwn some asshole who steals my phone. Id happily pay a few £ a year just for that as an alternative to paying through the nose for a bunch of other stuff i don’t need.

  • Navi

    Just for the record, even though I don’t use the Calendar and Contacts, I certainly use email and Find My iPhone! It’s virtually priceless…

    • I prefer Gmail, so although my Mobile Me account is active, it's very rarely used.

      • Navi

        Gmail is ok, albeit lately, well since the whole Buzz thing, I’ve been rather worried about them doing the whole ‘taking over the world thing’, like Microsoft tried. I even wrote a blog on it (naviculture.wordpress.com).

        Nonetheless, I’m still on the fence of completely switching over to MobileME fully, for everything…