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iAccounts = User Accounts on iPhone (jailbreak only)

iAccounts iPhone app

Ever thought you’d like to be able to setup different users, with different levels of permissions and such, on your iPhone?  Well, if you have and you’re jailbroken you’re in luck – iAccounts is a new jailbreak app that lets you do just that.

I have to admit, I’m not yearning for an app like this, as my daughter has her own iPod Touch now, and none of our iPhones are shared – but I wanted to give this app a look as (as my colleagues here at JAiB schooled me on over email) there are some potentially interesting uses for this.

Sadly (or more like SadiPhone-ly) this will be just a very quick look at iAccounts – as the app caused continual springboard crashes on my iPhone 3GS and I had to remove it before really getting to put it into practice at all.

Before all the crashes started, I did get a look around the setting for iAccounts.  So here are a few of the things I noted:

— iAccounts is for-purchase app in Cydia.  It costs $1.99.

— It logs in initially as a superadmin user (presumably with ‘God’ rights to everything) – but advises you (wisely) that this should be used very rarely.

— It has a guest account created by default, and you can easily change the password on it.

— You can create new users.

— When working with a particular user account you can do things like:

Lock all applications or select individual ones to lock them out of

iAccounts iPhone jailbreak app

Lock search, the ability to move icons, and more

user accounts on iPhone

And even choose to show the logged in username instead of the carrier name in the status bar, a very nice little feature


The app also offers a good range of hardware button and gesture-based invocation methods (to call it up at home screens or within apps) – although in my brief time with it I could not get my chosen method to work properly (a status bar press and hold)


That’s about as much as I know for now.  As soon as I set a password for the guest account and modified a couple of its settings, setup my preferred invocation method, and created one new user, I set out to test logging in under different users.  And I never got the chance – as at that point I saw my first Sad iPhone error / spiringboard crash.


And it was one of the continuous loop variety, where even after multiple springboard restarts and a couple of iPhone restarts, the Sad iPhone crash just kept coming back. 

I removed LockInfo, SBSchedule, and Front Contacts – as my top suspects for possible conflicts with iAccounts.  This didn’t help – still continuous crashes.  I reinstalled Front Contacts as I’m currently testing its new version, but left the other two off as I found I rarely use them.

As soon as I removed iAccounts, the crashes were gone.  I tried reinstalling it – but the crashes returned straight away.  Since I am really not desperate for a user accounts setup on my non-shared iPhone, I’m not willing to mess with removing any of my app switching / multitasking jailbreak apps to see if it helps resolve any potential conflict iAccounts may have with them.  The app is banished for now, until it becomes more stable, or more stable with the set of apps I use.

You can find iAccounts in the Cydia app store now, priced at $1.99. 

If you get it to actually work for you, please let us know what you think of it.

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  • Domenick

    How were you able to uninstall it? I tried uninstalling it through cydia, but it only seemed to remove the setup application itself, but still had all of the user functions intact. I want to completely remove it from my phone and am not sure what else needs to be removed to take it off.


    • Oh, sorry to hear that. Mine was just a standard uninstall, and not traces left that I can tell. Perhaps because I never got that far with it before the crashes killed the party.

  • In case anybody considers this an even remotely secure solution to keep things segregated between users, it is not. At all. Any 'security' gained by this is immediately bypassed if the user just reboots the phone into safe mode. This is useful only to keep people (kids or otherwise) from messing with things by accident. If somebody really wants to get into anything you've blocked them out of, they will have no problems doing so at all.

    • Hmmm. This depends on the level of users involved doesn't it? Is is that easy to force the iPhone to reboot in safe mode? As in, are there methods other than using a command line? (via SSH or Mobile Terminal). Methods that a 'typical user' would be aware of?
      I'm just thinking if the usage scenario is just for a family-shared iPhone or similar, this seems like it could be of some use – not so much for if an iPhone is being passed round amongst various very tech-savvy friends or colleagues.

  • blissedring

    I installed this app and didnt set anything, mine keeps telling me i have to login in but i have nothing to log into… no password or user account was set doesnt anyone know anything on how to fix this as my iphone is practically useless…


  • I had used iAccounts in the past with no problems. I just installed it again after a reformat and had the same issue as blissedring; no user accounts were present, not even the non-removable SuperAdmin and Guest that are supposed to be there upon install. I tried un/reinstalling but it only made things worse, rebooting into Safe Mode. After a few attempts at fixing it, I found a solution that worked for me.

    1) Uninstall iAccounts (which I had to do from Safe Mode)
    2) SSH into your iDevice (you need to have OpenSSH installed on your iDevice and an SSH client installed on your computer)
    ** You can also use iFile or MobileFinder if you have them installed on your iDevice
    3) Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences and delete com.nakedproductions.iAccounts.plist
    4) Reinstall iAccounts (Cydia should force you to respring)
    5) Open iAccounts and hopefully all should be well

    I think the issue may be caused by a problem during the install process. I noticed that Cydia simply closed instead of forcing me to respring. This makes me think that the install did not finish properly. I hope this helps those of you experiencing issues with iAccounts.

  • Hnia

    I can’t create a new user because the keyboard is over the ENTER button

  • Joe

    I had the same problem. I couldn’t create any more because the keyboard overlap with OK, and at the login screen my iPod just resprung into safe mode

  • Noah

    Will someone please help, i dont know how to use a user account, it just goes on the super admin