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Bizarro iPhone Apps: Jump Jump


The description for Jump Jump in the App Store is very short:

This game will improve your fitness!
Can you jump in sync with the music?

Here’s a little more from an email from it developers:

Think of it as Dance Dance Revolution, but without the mat and the computer, thus casually available everywhere.
Or think of it as Tap Tap, but using your center of gravity instead of your fingers as your input device.

I have to say, I think of it more this way, based on a quick look at the screencaps and demo video:

I start to feel a little like a dork when I spend too much time checking email, Twitter, RSS feeds etc. on my iPhone when I’m out in public places, places where I could talk to other human beings instead of staring at my smartphone screen.  The idea of being in a public place, staring at my smartphone, with a big grin on my face (based on the video demo, this is a must) and jumping up and down with it is just not doing it for me. 

I also think of it as Tap Tap with added humiliation.  Or Tap Tap for when you’re really, really drunk.

Trying out Jump Jump in public (as several folks in the video demo of the app seem to be doing) would make me want to have a Run and Hide app handy to use immediately afterwards.

If you’re in need of an excuse to jump around with your iPhone, you can find Jump Jump in the App Store now, priced at $2.99.

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  • Danniel Cohen

    Well, I just LOVE the app. It's absolutely brilliant. Probably the most innovative, and certainly the most surprising app in the app-store today. I get in shape while playing!