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Google Reader Mobile Just Keeps Getting Better

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I’ve tried just about every leading RSS app for the iPhone, but more often that not I come back to the one that has been the best since before the App Store even opened and still remains the best – Google Reader’s web app.

Each time I think I’ve found a native app I really like as much or more than Google Reader Mobile, it develops a flaw of some kind, or lacks a feature.  Some don’t let you share items, or don’t show only feeds with new (unread) items.  Or they invariably have sync issues – slowness, inaccuracy in unread counts etc.

Meanwhile, the Reader Mobile web app mostly just chugs along with very few hiccups.  It also keeps getting improved and enhanced continuously by its team at Google.

The latest changes over the last week or so were recently described at The Official Google Reader Blog:

The more eagle-eyed Reader users have noticed a few tweaks being made to Reader’s mobile interface over the past few days:

We’ve brought over a few more features from the desktop version of Reader: magic ranking and search. Both can be found in the option drop-down menu.
For better consistency with the desktop version, we’ve made the titles of items be links to the original page
The top of each item now has "collapse" and "next item" links. This way there’s always a consistent space for your thumb to hit so you can advance to the next item.

These are pretty small changes of course – but they are good ones.  The Reader team just keeps bringing out little tweaks like these that continually make the app easier and more effective to use.

As a heavy user of RSS, it is a real pleasure to see all this love and attention to detail in this app – it is something that a lot of the leading RSS apps could do with emulating.

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  • After trying out many 3rd party apps, the best is still Google

    • Got a review of Reeder coming up. I'm really liking that for syncing and reading Google Reader in a native interface.

  • Just wondering if anyone here who prefers the webapp has tried MobileRSS? Can anyone explain to me what features it may lack that make the webapp a better option?

    • I've tried MobileRSS and mentioned it here on site in the past as a worthy native app. I just don't see any of the native apps consistently matching the performance or feature set of the web app. Nearly all of them – including MobileRSS – have had syncing issues and load time issues at one point or another when using them, just as one example.