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iPhone Rumors: Steve Jobs says “yep” to Universal Mail for iPhone?

I wasn’t too vague in the headline, was I? Because, apparently, “yep” is all that Steve wrote in response to a query about a Mac-like universal mailbox on the iPhone. Granted, it wasn’t my query as my doctored screenshot would have you believe, but I’m not quite sure of iPhoneinCanada’s sources on this one, so let’s make sure to file this one squarely away in the Rumors section.

While this is some good news, what concerns me more is the ability to make things a lot more like Mail on Mac OSX. That’s because Mail supports something very similar to threaded messaging, which I’m positively dying for on the iPhone OS. I don’t use multiple accounts in Mail, so a universal inbox wouldn’t change a thing for me.

I’m currently using Mailroom (an interesting new Gmail app) and Boxcar as my e-mail tag team, but I really miss having a badge icon that tells me just how many e-mails I’ve missed without having to load up the app to check.

[via iPhoneinCanada]

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