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Review: Chop Chop Runner for iPhone

The name Chop Chop Runner would have you believe that you ‘ll execute two chops to every step you run ” but the run-and-jump centric gameplay really only throws the occasional flying kick in. Then again, Run Run Chopper would probably break the theme that developer Gamerizon established with their previous title.

Just like in Super Mario, there ‘s a princess in danger and it ‘s your job to save her by running from left to right in hopes of righting the wrong. However, unlike the famous Nintendo character, you ‘ll never save the princess, because it ‘s really only a matter of time until you fall off the level or bump smack into a samurai ‘s katana and die.

I’m going to have to JUMP!
Tapping anywhere on screen will cause your ninja to jump, unless of course there ‘s an enemy, in which case you ‘ll jump at the enemy in prize-winning, flying kick form. The key to playing Chop Chop Runner is knowing when to mash (sometimes there are six enemies in a row that you’ll need to kill) and when not to mash (you’ll need to time jumps properly to survive). The only time your ninja will stop running is when he falls off the level to his death ” although the funny thing about Chop Chop Runner is that you can make some hilarious and miraculous comebacks.

That ‘s because attacking enemies can function as a form of jumping, and the game will treat slain enemies that are near a ledge as auto-jumps, automatically catapulting you to the next platform after killing an enemy. This move also works when you fall off the level, since the camera will continue to pan from left-to-right, sometimes revealing an enemy whose poor body you can use as a target for your flying kick ” allowing you to tap your way right back into the game. It won ‘t happen often, but you ‘ll always feel like you ‘ve cheated death when you manage to pull this grace move off.

Apart from the aforementioned running and fighting mechanic, there ‘s really not much more to say about Chop Chop Runner. There are a variety of enemies, but all of the ones I ‘ve encountered on my longest runs (~1800m) were all dispatched in the same way: with a flying kick. However, the different enemy appearances do serve to keep you wary during your many play throughs, and the progressive day-night that changes as you run also serves to keep the visuals interesting.

Game Over
You ‘ll be seeing the game over screen a lot, so it ‘s a good thing they added statistics to it. Not only will you see the kills and distance covered in your last run, but you ‘ll also see your best run of the day, and the statistics of your best run thus far.

Chop Chop Runner hasn ‘t knocked any of my current favourite titles off of my home screen, but the cartoony style, fight and flight mechanics, and OpenFeint integration make this a good venue for those with global high score ambitions. It ‘s a fun title with classic easy-to-start, hard-to-master gameplay.

It ‘s also only $0.99, so if you find Canabalt ‘s $2.99 price tag a bit too high for a genre you haven ‘t tried, then Chop Chop Runner is a great app to gain some running and jumping experience.

Chop Chop Runner is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

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  • Jeremy

    This sat on my iPhone for a few days. I try to keep only one page of games so I'm relatively picky and this was directly competing with Canabalt. Its a good game but my main complaints were that the lucky saves killed it for me, the character was too big (making the play area too small) and it seemed a little unresponsive to the tap type compared to Canabalt. That said, its gone but I'm still working through Chop Chop Ninja. Thats a fun little game.

  • hehe

    my highest score was only 5000.. sad.. my lil bro somehow got 10k! dem hes lucky

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