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iPhone App Update: Reeder 2.0 — faster, smarter, and state savier

Reeder 2.0 from developer Silvio Rizzi came out to play last night. The best RSS reader on the block is now even faster than before, with extra features like optional image caching, state saving, and increased contrast. There are also more services available (Open in Safari is back!), and holding on a link will now open up the services menu, so you don’t have to load up a page before being able to tweet the link.

Finally, the gestures have been much improved, so it’s easier than ever to swipe to star or mark as read. I also think a new gesture set was added, since I can now pull up after reading an article to switch to the next one — very slick.

Reeder 2.0 is still available for $2.99 if you haven’t bought it yet.

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