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Bizarro iPhone Apps: First Night Sex Making Tips


Really just a couple quick thoughts on this one:

Is there anyone out there anywhere who talks about ‘sex making‘ apart from the developers of this app?  Even zookeepers watching chimps go at it probably have better terms than that one.  I’m thinking if you tell your partner you’re looking forward to your first night of sex making, you’re not getting any.

Also – if you mention that you’re so keen on that first night of sex making that you bought a tips app, you’re getting even less than not getting any.

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  • MatthewF

    Pretty sure "sex making" is a Borat term. Maybe not what they were going for, but perhaps.

  • Sex-making… I have heard of money-making, such as a money making scheme… So, I guess there could be a sex-making scheme, but for some reason it makes me think of a convoluted plan involving a bank heist and trying to make a fembot… Also, what would be a famous tip? All I can think of here is Kindergarten Cop… "Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina".