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Super Turbo Action Pig Contest – Winners

Alright, would the following five people please come to the podium to retrieve your Super Turbo Action Pig promo codes (courtesy of developer Joystick Generals):

  • Woodster
  • Pn2bade
  • Keith Tomlin
  • DoubleAron
  • Walkwy

Actually, let me clear that up a bit. When I said “please come to the podium” I actually meant “please check your e-mail inboxes or spam folders for the promo codes”. If you’ve never redeemed a promo code before, check this post here.

To everyone else, thanks for participating! We’ll have more contests coming to you soon in this space (well, not THIS space exactly).

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  • DoubleAron

    Thanks for the code, pretty fun little time waster!

  • Pn2bade

    Thanks guys! Preatty fun!