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Review: Today Todo Pro, the sunniest task manager on the iPhone

Today Todo Pro has a bit of an awkward title, but it ‘s definitely one of the most interesting and unique task managers to hit the App Store thus far. After all, what other apps let you move from today to yesterday by literally swiping the noon day sun off of the screen?

Today ToDo Pro (or TTP from here on out) actually features a very simple interface, but it ‘s so different than anything else out there that it can take a little while to get used to. The categories (lists) are hidden in a pull-down menu at the top of the screen. Lists are divided into default and Someday tasks by default, but you can add your own categories at any time.

New tasks are created by tilting the device into landscape mode, and dates are picked by using a sliding bar instead of the (inferior) Apple date picker. You can also set the priority of a task by simply swiping along the top-right side of the screen. TTP features one of the best ‘new task ‘ dialogues I ‘ve ever seen ” every bit as good as the famous 2Do ‘s, if not better. The settings for new tasks are re-saved every time you bring the new task dialogue up, and it ‘s very easy to enter multiple tasks into one list because the dialogue box doesn ‘t go away until you tilt back to portrait (or press cancel).

Tasks are displayed on the main portion of the screen and are completed by simply ticking off the circle on the left side (or via swipe-to-delete, if you ‘re feeling vicious).

Ticking tasks off works well enough, but it somehow feels like it ‘s missing something. Completed tasks simply throw themselves to the bottom of the list without any extra animation, and it can actually be a little too easy to ‘complete ‘ the wrong task, or ‘complete ‘ a task without meaning to. [Fixed in latest version]

Due dates for new tasks are set to the current date by default, but as you use TTP you ‘ll likely see tasks on one of the four metaphoric ‘day ‘ screens: yesterday (previous or overdue tasks), today, tomorrow (future tasks), and Someday (tasks without a due date). Switching between these views is as simple as swiping left or right on the sun or moon at the top of the screen. It ‘s an idea that sounds great on paper, and works out very well in practice as well.

What I missed
The only two major features I missed in TTP were an archive for completed tasks and some sort of simple desktop syncing interface. In the current version of TTP, late or incomplete and previously completed tasks are relegated to the Yesterday screen, with a convenient button on the right side of each task to send it back to ‘Today ‘. This works well at first, but I ‘ve been using TTP for close to a month now, and the list of completed tasks on the Yesterday screen is getting a little  difficult to sort through. I ‘d much prefer it if there was some sort of elegant ‘archive ‘ option to hide all completed tasks.

The lack of a desktop sync partner is only partially addressed in this version of TTP. There is an option within the app that shows you a larger version of TTP on your desktop browser, but you have to have the iPhone app loaded to keep this interface up, and there simply isn ‘t a reason for me to take up my iPhone ‘s screen with an app while I ‘m at the computer ” not unless I ‘m actively referring to it for a review, anyway. I admit I could simply be missing the point of the ‘web server ‘ mode of TTP, but I ‘ve always found it simpler to just use the app.

Of the two major issues I had with the app (no archive, no sync), the lack of a way to archive tasks is really the only ‘objective ‘ knock against Today Todo Pro. I ‘m simply used to having a desktop partner or web app to use alongside my iPhone task managers, but I realize that this isn ‘t the case for everyone.
In basically every other respect, TTP is a literal sun shining example of the amazing interfaces that developers can build on touch screens, and it makes a great alternative task manager if you find other apps like Things or 2Do a little bit too powerful.

Today Todo Pro is available for $3.99 on the App Store. There’s also a lite version.
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  • After seeing the $20 price tag just for Cultured Code's Things iPad app, I am seriously going to look at alternatives like TTP first!!

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  • Just read this review and tried out TTP on my iPhone. It seems like a great little app, but as you said there are somethings missing. I have not found an iPhone based task list app that I can stick with, I always end up going back to my computer for it. Which productivity iPhone app do you use on a regular basis? 2Do? TTP?

    • Sorry for the late reply —

      I use Things, which I was lucky enough to get a review copy for a while back. It's definitely one of the more expensive options, but it really does have the best desktop editor ($50!) and mobile app combo ($10) that I've found.

      However, if you want a much more cost-effective solution, I'd try 2Do to sync with iCal or Outlook on your desktop. 2Do is still one of the best clients out there, IMO, but I just don't like iCal for task management on my MacBook.

      • one other thing you could try is Google Tasks. No install, totally free. Usable within Gmail on your desktkop and within Safari on your iPhone. You would need an internet connection, though.