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Great iPhone app features: Deferring due dates in 2Do

I recently read a tweet from photographer John Carey (@fiftyfootshadow) about how a lot of tech reviewers seem so jaded about technology and have nothing but complaints and feature requests every time they take a look at something. It’s a slippery slope.

So in the spirit of anti-slipperiness, I’ve decided to try and find a few features in various iPhone apps that I really love. They’re not entire app reviews, just small slices of what I think are pure genius inside a particular app. Today’s focus is the “Defer” context menu option in the 2Do task manager.

In most of the task management apps I’ve seen, you usually have to dig down to the individual item level before you can fiddle with due dates. 2Do also allows you to edit due dates with a full-size date picker when viewing a single task, but you can also defer tasks right from the main task screen. All you have to do is tap and hold on a task, tap on defer, and the quick date-picker (shown above) will pop up before your eyes.

I don’t even use 2Do any more, but I like to check back on the app for bits of genius like this. It’s a very simple little touch, but it makes it so much easier to schedule tasks in the context of other tasks, instead of on an isolated screen. Since this is the first post of this nature, I’ll also add another great 2Do feature to the mix: collapsible tabs.

I’ve seen other apps with dual purpose buttons before — Tweetie 2 buttons will respond differently depending on whether you tap or double tap on them, but this is a hidden feature that you have to read about or accidentally stumble upon. 2Do’s collapsible tabs (along the left side of the screen) are actually hidden by the “ToDos” button, which is, itself, a tab. Tapping on ToDos from another tab will bring you to the main task screen, and a second tap on ToDos while viewing tasks will bring up (or hide) the  task categories and also change the look of the button. It’s a great dual tab implementation that makes a lot of sense, features visual cues, and keeps the number of buttons on-screen to a minimum.

Kudos to Guided Ways.

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  • ToddJ

    i like that feature too, but I wish they would change one little thing on it….i wish, instead of the 'none' option at the end, i wish they had it so that month's calendar would drop down instead. That way it is quicker to change the date then going in and editing the todo itself