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MoneyBook for iPhone updated to 1.6.5: adds budget rollover, context sensitive pop-ups

MoneyBook, the only financial app to grace my iPhone’s first home screen, has just been updated with new tap-and-hold context sensitive pop-ups, an optional monthly budget rollover, and a cleaner graphical interface.

Month-to-month rollovers help reflect the money you may have saved last month and incorporate it into this month’s budget (I have yet to find out if this works for deficits as well). The cleaner graphics are most evident on the Overview page: dialogue boxes are now more sleek and compact and icons have shrunken in size.

The context pop-ups are also very interesting, allowing you to view the notes on particular transactions or the balance of an entire month in the History tab — all activated with a quick tap-and-hold on the item you want more information on.

All in all, a pretty packed dot update!

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