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Twitter Buys Tweetie – a Win-Win-Win


Twitter has bought Tweetie, the superb and hugely popular Twitter app for the iPhone.

Once upon a time I wanted a better Twitter app for my iPhone, so I wrote one.  My goal was to make something simple, beautiful, and intuitive. 

That’s the opening of Loren Brichter’s (the creator of Tweetie) blog post on the sale of Tweetie to Twitter, where he talks a little about the wild ride since Tweetie 1.0 came along a year and a half ago.

Tweetie has been my favorite iPhone Twitter app for a long time, as it has for tons of iPhone users. It’s won an Apple design award and been universally acknowledged as not just a great Twitter app, but one of the very best iPhone apps overall – often leading the way with new UI features that end up being adopted in other apps across categories.

Here’s a little of what Loren has to say on what’s next for him after the sale to Twitter:

Now I ‘ll be working with them on the inside. I ‘m happy to say that as of today Twitter is the proud owner of Tweetie – and I ‘m joining their mobile team and starting work on turning Tweetie.app into Twitter.app, for iPhone and iPad.

Some amazing stuff will soon be possible, both in terms of simplifying the Twitter experience and in allowing people to use Twitter any place they might be.  I ‘m really looking forward to the next generation of mobile clients, and hopefully the next time you hear from me it ‘ll be on the Twitter blog!

I think this sounds like a win-win-win situation.  Twitter has needed a great iPhone client of its own for a long time.  Now it has one, to fill this gap mentioned in Twitter’s own blog post on the subject:

Careful analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes AppStore revealed massive room for improvement. People are looking for an app from Twitter, and they’re not finding one.

Users get an instant win with the announced plan to make Tweetie a free app within a few weeks.  Twitter also announced that they will be working with Loren on an iPad Twitter app.

Hopefully Loren is also a big winner in all of this – financially and in terms of having an exciting and challenging new role where he can bring a great app to even more users.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the first versions of Twitter on the iPhone and iPad.

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