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Where are the pop-up playback controls in iPhone 4.0?

Here’s just a very quick thought that hit me: from what I’ve heard (via TipB), the double tap of the home button will now bring up the special multi-tasking dock, and a double-tap-and-hold will now bring up iPhone Favorites (no other shortcuts allowed, presently). What happened to the double-tap for iPod playback controls, a feature that has been around since  iPhone OS 1.1.1 (via TiidBITS)?

From what I’ve seen in screenshots and reports, the pop-up is currently inaccessible when the iPhone is awake (read: not on the lock screen), and I wonder if Steve and Co. think that multi-tasking is fast enough and that users won’t mind switching out of current apps to go to the iPod.app to switch songs.

I certainly hope we’ll hear more about this at WWDC: that little pop-up was one of my favourite little features on the iPhone.

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    • I've looked through the screenshots, but didn't see any ofthe
      controls. You can make them pop up with a double tap and hold? It
      doesn't bring up your phone appFavorites?

      • I've heard it's double tap and hold as well. I'm sure the phone app favorites would come up if you don't have any music playing.

        • I am sorry to say that I CAN NOT confirm that double-tap + hold brings the controls up on my iphone 3g with OS 4 🙁

          To bad, it's a feature that I've been missing. Since there still is a setting for it I guess it's a bug.

  • Muero

    It wouldnt surprise me if Apple assumes you should be using their headphones that include a pause/forward/back button and volume controls.

    • They call it the Shuffle Treatment

  • Tracey

    The iPod controls are still there. Just double click and when the multi-tasking dock appears, swipe left (as in moving your finger towards the right) and you will see the controls.