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iPad USB Audio Support Coming via Camera Connection Kit?

Create Digital Music is reporting that iPad may support USB audio connections through the Camera Connection Kit accessory offered by Apple. This would allow iPad to be used by music professionals and hobbyist with some (but not all, not by a long shot) of their preexisting equipment.

According to second-hand sources and a post to a public mailing list, the upcoming Apple iPad accessory adapter for cameras, the iPad Camera Connection Kit, will support audio interfaces that are compatible with the USB Audio Class. I don’t have official confirmation from Apple, and the adapter itself appears not to be shipping until later this month, so file this as “likely, but unconfirmed.” But it’s one to watch, and comes as a surprise to me. (Generally, camera accessory kits aren’t a way of providing audio expansion.)

The report looks to a mailing list posting from Apple software engineering manager named Bill Stewart, who outlined development efforts by his team.

I could easily see this device being used for more than just photos and (possibly) audio. This is pure speculation, but this would be a convenient way to plug iPad into, say, a printer, so users can print out Pages documents without going through the archaic process we do now, just to print something.

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