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Contest: Five Copies of MobileRSS Pro to be won!

Five Free Promo Codes for MobileRSS Pro

Contest Deadline: Monday, April 19 “ 6:00PM US Central

MobileRSS Pro is a name you’ve probably heard before, if you’re into RSS readers on the iPhone. It’s a client that syncs with Google Reader, but also lets you subscribe to feeds right from your iPhone — which is something I haven’t seen in any other app offering, including my favourite Reeder app. Our own Michael Leger has posted a review of the app shortly, but we’ve also got five copies of the app to give away (courtesy of the devs at NibiruTech), so hit the jump for the full details.

How To Win:

*** Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the ’email address ‘ field (don ‘t worry, it won ‘t be displayed and we won ‘t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) “ and you ‘re in with an entry for our random drawing of winners on Sunday.

That ‘s it! We ‘ll draw our five winners on Monday (4/19/10) sometime after 6:00 pm US Central time.

*** Please Note: The promo codes are only available for the US App Store, so you will need a US-based account to make use of them “ keep this in mind when entering the contest.

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  • Mat

    Thanks for all the promo giveaways! Was sorry to miss out on the Crosswords for iPad.. $10 makes it so hard to justify impulse purchases any more, unlike the old iPhone days!

  • Jeff H.

    I love mobile rss and would love to win this app!

  • http://therobb.co.uk Robb Lewis

    This app looks awesome. I want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheSkepticalGuy Tito Salgado

    Nice! i been looking for a nice RSS App for a long time cos most of the ones on the App Store are whack.

  • http://www.bryherhill.com Bryher

    I'd like it please – haven't found an rss reader that I totally like yet!

  • brainspin

    Awesome app, I'm using Reeder but would love to use both. :)

  • Andre

    It's looks good and I'll be very happy if I have this app

  • Fares

    Thanks for this giveaway, count me in : )

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Shobizz3000 Shobizz3000

    Count me in! Always open to try a new RSS reader. Been using Reeder, but I really miss my search feature…

  • Rody

    One of the best iPhone RSS readers! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://www.postbus31.com postbus31

    Wow, looks great. Could very well be e replacement for RSS-Flash-G, the reader I currently use. The feature to subscribe to a feed right from the iPhone looks very promising.

  • Tal Shani

    Count me in to 😛
    Hoping to win 😉

  • savant

    this is the best rss app i have ever seen! my best friend has it i really wanna have it too :)

  • http://thecollegecrowddigsme.blogspot.com/ Casey

    That would make rss subscribing so much more convenient. Good idea.

  • Bill2nica

    Sound like a cool RSS reader.

  • Motionxxusxx

    Looking for a good rss reader

  • Sander

    Looks like a great app. Been using ByLine but i'm open for a new and better app.

  • OneClick

    I've been looking for a nice Google Reader app for a while, consider me entered.

  • sohi

    hi its me again :) this app rocks! but i cant afford it :(

  • Max Audet

    Please count me in. I would like to try this reader. Always looking for the best of the best Google Reader client.

  • Jared

    Looks nicer than the reader I'm using now!

  • http://www.iphonehellas.gr epaminos

    Count me in too!!!

    I 'd like to see a different RSS reader!

  • Beatleboymatt

    That looks like an app that would get a ton of use on my phone. Too cool.

  • inksim

    Love the free version and have not doubt pro will be even better. Thanks.

  • Sam

    Love that reader!

  • Zaxxon

    Would love to win a copy. Thanks!

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  • alex

    i dont want to win a copy as i have a copy of this already, i just wanted to add that this is a great rss app. its only flaw is it tends to mark items read before you get to read them, especially when you download all items from the main page, then go into individual folders…

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/dman36g deadman36g

    Would love to win this looks fantastic

  • Woodster

    Generic desperate comment! Sad story, Frowny face

  • rahsaanabdul

    How does this reader stand up against NewsRack?

  • http://www.hindrances.com Ray Merkler

    Reeder is broken in the current iPhone 4.0 beta, which I have on my main iPhone, so this would be nice to have right now. :)

  • SueB

    Thanks, looks like a great app!

  • http://Twitter.com/AndyMesa Andy Mesa

    I would love to win this app. Looks very useful.

  • Robert

    Using Feeds now. Works OK, but somehow the Google Reader sync doesn't always work right. Would like to try this one.

  • sfmitch

    This could be very cool.

  • Dave

    Good to see I'm not the only person that switches back and forth between iPhone RSS readers from week to week. Just tried the free version of this one, and it looks great and is speedy! Would love a promo code to save a few bucks.

  • AndyM

    Looks like an awesome app. Thanks for reviewing it and facilitating the giveaway. Crossing fingers…

  • http://www.johnw.me John

    Awesome App! Would love to get a code!

  • Lacey

    I'd love to try our an RSS reader app! Currently, I just use the google reader mobile version.

  • Gamal

    I have never won anything before. It would be nice to win just once.

  • Pierre Forand

    Me me me!! Just saw your review and it looks awesome.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/MikeCTZA MikeCTZA

    Looks like a great contender in the RSS reader apps arena !!

  • Turbohat

    Would like to try this

  • DoubleAron

    I am a heavy Reeder user who switched from Newsrack, I agree with a lot of what you said in your review of this app as far as Reeder is concerned. So I hope I win this one so I can check it out and see if it supplants reeder.

  • JuLeeHeN

    Currently using reeder but i'm always looking for the next best thing !
    It looks promissing. Count me in :-)

  • http://www.987AmpRadio.com Buck

    Im a NEWS JUNKIE! Please consider feeding my addiction with the Pro promo code :)

  • Drew

    I've been eanting a decent RSS reader…

  • Alan Mealy

    Great review!- hope to win…


  • awvalentine

    Awesome, this is a cool app.

  • Mark

    Still searching for the best RSS reader. I hope this is it.

  • Bob Fowler

    I love to get a chance to win this! I this RSS apps is the one thing I use most on my iphone at all times.

    I´v tried most other RSS readers, and I´m gonna give the free version of this a spin later today…

    x-fingers that I win this!

  • Maikel

    Eu uso o MobileRSS e ja estava interessado na versão PRO, se ganhasse aqui seria muito bom

    • Maikel


      I use MobileRSS and was already interested in the PRO version, it would be great to win here!

  • Arnaud Fischer

    I'm in!

  • Dennis

    Gotta have the RSS on Mobile RSS!

  • raceluver

    it looks good ,,,, i need a good rss reader for my ophone

  • Filipe Castro

    The best mobile RSS reader I have tried :)

  • Shane

    I would love to have a copy of this. RSS feeds are something I just started using since I got my iphone and I've yet to find one that I love. I've tried both NewsRach and Reeder and they both left something to be desired.

  • David

    Give me! Give me! Give me!

  • Steve

    Great app! I'm almost certainly going to be using this one from now on.

  • asm41
  • Nat Liangsrisuk

    Tried the free version after read a review…hope to get to use the pro!!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/vapor03 vapor03

    Didn't think that I would really ever need an RSS reader with how good Google Readers web-app is. I love Reeder, but the ability to add feeds and a little more control over content would be awesome. Would love to win and try MobileRSS Pro!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/iGnome iGnome

    If you're not in you can't win! I'm in……Here's hoping

  • Derick Valadao

    Loved the free version and would like the pro please!

  • John

    Using Doppler myself, but looking for something else. Thanks!!

  • Leandro

    Great, I would like to try the pro version :)

  • Michael Lumb

    I'm an iNews user so far but this looks interesting.

  • Bburns561

    I hope that I'm the winner. This app sounds great!

  • katb

    I gotta try that

  • Doug W

    Mobile RSS looks terrific. Thanks for the thorough review and offer of promo codes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=757864739 Tim Droz

    Thank you sir, may I have some more?

  • http://ratedgforgeek.com professor

    Finally a good reader pro. thanks for the tip

  • Porsche Gt3

    I want one of those codes please

  • Anil K

    i want one

  • http://faizalr.com Faizal

    Using free version now, really like this app.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/niezam niezam sandakan

    Great app, got the FREE ads-supported version. Looking for a Pro version, thank you.