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Google Buys Agnilux, A Company Founded by Former P.A. Semi

peHUB is reporting that Google has bought Agnilux, a company founded by former P.A. Semi employees. P.A. Semi is the company Apple purchased in 2008 for their experience in ARM based chip designs. Many of these designs have made their way into iPhones and most recently, iPad.

Many of P.A. Semi’s chip developers stuck with Apple, but others — including some system-level folks — launched a stealth startup called Agnilux. They also personally funded Agnilux with proceeds from the Apple acquisition.

Now, peHUB has learned that Google recently acquired Agnilux, which previously held strategic investment talks with companies like Cisco, Microsoft and Texas Instruments. We have not yet been able to confirm pricing terms, although assume it must have been a big deal to convince the Agnilux founders to shun the strategic investment — or traditional venture capital — routes so soon after founding.

A New York Times article from earlier this year, claims that some of these P.A. Semi employees left Apple to start Agnilux, because they were unhappy with the stock grants they were offered for the acquisition. A second New York Times article claimed that Agnilux was working on a new server.

As of this moment, it is not clear wether Google bought Agnilux to hinder Apple, or if Google really is after “new kind of server” they are working on, and the company’s connection with Apple is purely coincidental.

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