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Lost iPhone Scandal – Woz Has a T-shirt


Ah, just what Gray Powell – the poor Apple engineer who managed to leave the top-secret prototype of the next iPhone in a bar – needs.  A t-shirt to commemorate his plight, worn by no less than one of Apple’s founders.

Apparently Woz says he would laugh if the same thing were done to him.  I guess that’s a little easier if you’re a co-founder of the company though. Also, I’m thinking Woz may want to open his mouth a tad more if he wants to avoid spilling beer on his new shirt. 🙂

Via: Gear Diary

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  • I wish Woz was still there. I doubt he would condone the new Apple.
    iPhone rendered useless by iTunes 9.1.
    I upgraded my computer to a Windows 7 64 bit from a 32 bit and a much faster processor. I also loaded Office 2010 64 instead of the previous 32 bit Office 2010 I was using.. After moving all the data files to the new install and everything was working I allowed iTunes to do an automatic upgrade to 9.1. Then I did an iPhone sync. Total disaster! Not only will iTunes not sync with Outlook it destroyed all the data on my iPhone.
    When I requested that Apple Support Senior Advisor Jason, Agent ID 50614, help me restore what iTunes had destroyed on my iPhone he said it was not an Apple problem. When I asked to speak to someone above him he told me there was no one above him. He just kept saying that the fact that syncing and iPhone to iTunes and having it destroy all of my data on the phone was not an Apple problem because Apple does not support Office 2010. That really is a ridiculous position for Apple to take and one that has certainly changed my opinion of Apple as a company.

    • Sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. I still think there needs to be a good backup app for the iPhone. I think iTunes should never be counted on for that. Hope you are able to recover at least some of your data.