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Gameloft is giving Rise of Lost Empires away for free — next two hours only

I posted this at around 1:30 PM EST, and my Twitter account has reported that Gameloft’s tweet went out about 10 minutes ago, meaning you only have a good hour and 50 minutes to download their RTS, Rise of Lost Empires. I’ve never tried this game out before, but I’ve been acting like a packrat and downloading every single free game they’ve offered over the past few days.

If you’d like to see what they’ll free up next, make sure to follow Gameloft on Twitter. The titles might not be the most original ideas, but they’re usually fun and feature solid control schemes.

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  • I've been packrating too. Honestly, I wouldn't have bought a single one of these free games, but since I have them I'll probably use them to kill wait time. I was hoping for at least 1 blockbuster title like Iron Man 2, or a sport game.