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Review: Mobigame’s Edge for iPhone

[Note: the artifacting around the edge of this screenshot is actually part of the game’s title screen.]

I just spent the last few minutes rolling a box of Kleenex around my desk to see if I could re-create the experience Mobigame’s charming platforming title.

It didn’t work. There really isn’t anything else like Edge.

Great platforming, cubed

Edge is a wonderful game ” not in the generic ‘oh it ‘s really cool ‘ sense, but in more of an Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory non-sense. There are over 40 levels in Edge, and each one of them features some sort of amazing little theme. One design mimics chess, while another whacks you around like a ping pong cube. Many stages feature cool ‘twists ‘ that turn a straightforward path into something equal parts delightful and deadly ” causing your jaw to drop at about the same time as your cube falls off the level in the most magnificent and unexpected way.

However, for all of the extra depth and creativity of the levels, they all have one simple objective: find the glowing exit and get to the next stage. There is no time limit or set number of lives, but you do get scored on your performance (I ‘m proud to say I consistently scored D ‘s).

Superb control scheme and animation

It ‘s funny to play a platforming title where your protagonist (Sir Cube-a-lot ” ok, I made that up) is shaped just like the levels he ‘s rolling over. Everything in Edge has, well, an edge, and you ‘ll either be rolling over other rectangular objects or accidentally walking off of them (usually resulting in your death and revival at one of the game ‘s many checkpoints).

What ‘s really incredible about Edge is how graceful the cube looks in motion. There ‘s something Pixar-ishly great about how your cube rolls around. Actually, it’s less of a rolling and more very graceful flopping onto one of the cube’s six sides, followed by a very cute *thud*. Whatever it is, it just feels right. You can use the accelerometer to move, but I preferred the touch d-pad.

The cube in Edge is also more agile than you ‘d expect. Aside from simply flopping over flat surfaces, it can also climb. If you find an open ledge that ‘s just one level higher, you can simply walk right up a ledge in a way that completely defies gravity (Remember, it ‘s e=mc *squared*, not cubed). There are also situations that require you to climb onto other cubes and simply ‘hang ‘ off of them. This is similar to ‘stalling ‘ on a skateboard, or when acrobats hang off of an object and hold their bodies horizontally ” but it ‘s even more ridiculous and impressive when the object doing the hanging has no limbs.

Music and Sound

Edge has a lot of different ambient sounds and level sountracks, and they  work together wonderfully to create a vibrant atmosphere. Many stages feature parts that move in time with the music, so tapping into the rhythm of each level becomes a key part to succeeding. If you happen to start tapping your foot to the game, then so be it.


Edge features inspired level design, surprisingly smooth animation, and the perfect marriage of sights and sounds to create levels that really come alive.  There aren ‘t time limits or lives, so the actual gameplay has a bit more to do with puzzlers than platformers, but it ‘s still a hell of a lot of fun. The clip clop of your cube as it rolls around each level in search of an exit, just feels so right.

Mobigame’s Edge is available for $2.99 on the App Store.

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