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Contest – 5 Free Promo Codes for Cram for iPhone To Be Won

Cram iPhone App

Five Free Promo Codes for Cram – Flashcards and multiple choice study tool To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Monday May 24th “ 2:00PM US Central

Another cool contest for you today.  The nice people over at SimpleLeap Software are offering up five promo codes for Cram, their study aid app for the iPhone.  Here’s just a small slice of its App Store description, to give an idea of some of its uses:

Cram is perfect for preparing for class quizzes and tests, standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, State Driver ‘s License Tests and CISCO certifications, or learning anything new including another language such as Spanish.

See its AppShopper page here for more details: http://appshopper.com/education/cram. And for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win one of the five promo codes, read on

How To Win:

*** Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the ’email address ‘ field(don ‘t worry, it won ‘t be displayed and we won ‘t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) “ and you ‘re in with an entry for our random drawing of winners on Monday.

*** For a bonus entry to increase your chance of winning, tell us about what sort of studies you’d plan to use the app for if you’re a winner.

That ‘s it! We ‘ll draw our five winners on Monday (5/24/10) sometime after 2:00 pm US Central time.

*** Please Note: The promo codes are only available for the US App Store, so you will need a US-based account to make use of them “ keep this in mind when entering the contest.

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  • Kevin

    I have finals Wednesday through Friday. If I had this app, I could study anywhere. I have 6 months worth of material in seven classes to review, plus lunch (probably my hardest final).

  • Ibrahim

    I love this contest. I'm graduate student, and if I won this will help me very much
    I love you guy, your the best.

  • pn2bade

    I've been in need of a good flashcard app. I would defiantly use it for all of my future classes. I have a bunch of tests coming up, and an app like this would be great for me to review my material.

  • John

    I actually have my O-Chem midterm on Monday and it's my last midterm for the quarter. I have to walk about 30 minutes each way from my dorm to class, so Cram would be really useful to review during that time over the next two weeks until finals.

  • donkee

    I want one! Flash cards seems useful when teaching my little nephew…

  • Rowan

    I got your flash cards right here*

    *Replace "here" with winning code.

  • Randy

    Send me that code so I can go finish my RN degree…maybe I'll be a night nurse… 🙂 Or maybe I'll learn some jokes that are funny.

  • Fiuza78

    I would use it to study computer science!! I'm a flashcard fan!

  • Anvesh

    i would use it for my studies!! flash cards semm to be useful……