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Fruit Ninja for iPhone updated to 1.2: new fruits, combo attacks, Zen mode

Halfbrick Studios, the devs from down under, have been hard at work on Fruit Ninja (review here). Not only do they have a ridiculous new trailer to share, but they’ve also released the game’s biggest update thus far. Limes and Red Apples are now on the kill list, and slicing multiple fruit with one slice can now score you combo points. This simple change to the mechanics makes the game a lot deeper, forcing you to wait a few precious seconds for fruits to line up just right.

The last addition in this patch is Zen Mode, which is a new game type that lasts only 90 seconds, but is completely free of bombs and lives. All you do in Zen Mode is slice, and it’s a great way to practice how to rack up combo points.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, Fruit Ninja is still available for just $0.99. It’s delicious fun.

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