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Review: Gambol for iPhone

Gambol Review

Gambol is a doodle-style physics-puzzle game wherein you try to determine a certain type of ball’s path, so that it finds his way into the goal! Therefore you must position elements like springboards, gears, etc… so that the ball, which will be dropped free-fall style, reaches the goal of the level with the help of those dynamic or static obstacles.

This, of course, is easy to understand but really challenging to master! With more than 70 unique level and even more free downloadable levels Gambol really has got a long-term game experience!

Graphics and sounds

The doodle-style graphics of Gambol are really well designed and all elements are animated! You can see, that every time you start some level the level will get ‘drawn ‘ with some beautiful animation. Each element in Gambol is ‘hand-drawn ‘ and you will notice the amazing amount of detail.
The sound is also very well chosen. Gambol has got two unique soundtracks, one for the menus and the other for playing a level. You can also play your own music in-game: simply start music on the iPod and then start Gambol and the music will still be running! In this case you just got the good sound effects. Each element comes with its own, unique sound effect, which gives the user a good feedback of the ball’s behavior.

Gambol Ingame


With more than 70 levels and more free downloadable levels, Gambol is really mind blowing in terms of long term gameplay. The implemented level are divided into 5 categories: The Tutorial and four different Challenges.
While Gambol is easy to use it is really challenging to master! Its difficulty can be compared to Angry Birds. It all starts quite easy but gets really tricky towards the end.

Level editor

One of the outstanding features of Gambol truly is its built-in level editor. The level editor is easy to use also and it lets you create new Gambol levels in just a minute.
After creating and testing your level you will be ask to upload it to a server and share it with the whole community! At the so-called Arena you are then able to download those customized level, and you can try to master them too.
At the moment of writing this review there were more than 70 additional user-created level in the database and the amount is raising by 15 per day!
This benchmarking feature ensures long-term gameplay!

Gambol Leveleditor


– Lovely, hand-drawn Graphics
– 75level + more free downloadable
– Nice soundtrack + sound effects
– Insane in-game leveleditor


– The last 15 level are quite hard to master


Overall Gambol is an outstanding physics-puzzle game and should not be afraid of comparison with other games like ‘Finger Physics ‘ or ‘Glass Tower ‘. Due to its build in leveleditor it has tons of content and is worth a look!
In my opinion, it is one of the most highly recommended physic-puzzle games on the App Store!

Gambol is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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