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Seesmic for iPhone Launched


Seesmic for iPhone is a new Twitter, Facebook and all-round social networking client app.  It includes support for Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm – so you can update a slew of social network sites within just the one app.

Here’s a little more detail straight from Seesmic’s Intro email for the app:

Seesmic for iPhone brings an efficient perspective to social networking on a mobile platform. An application which enables Twitter, Facebook and Ping.fm – letting you update dozens of social networks at once (including MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogger, and many more!), Seesmic for iPhone gives you the ability to see your friends timeline, your mentions and private messages, update or delete statuses, post links, upload pictures, geotag your updates and access user profiles. You can organize your accounts, searches, lists and trending topics all in a customized dashboard and navigate easily through it.

Your Dashboard, Your Way.

When you first open Seesmic for iPhone, you can configure multiple pages of "spaces" and personalize the application the way you want. You can add spaces that are Accounts, Searches, Trending Topics, Lists and soon many more!

The app’s UI is a pretty standard one.  It looks like quite a few Twitter apps in its timeline views and is fairly easy to navigate around.  It’s also got a decent set of features.

Seesmic iPhone app     Seesmic for iPhone

The one feature that stands out in the app – for me – is its integration with Evernote.  You can easily save things out to Evernote from right within the app.  It works very well too – creates a brand new note, and auto-populates tags with the names of people whose posts you chose to save.  Very good stuff if you’re an Evernote user.

Seesmic save to Evernote

It’s not a must-have app for me, as I rarely spend any time with Facebook and have no need or desire to update dozens of social networks at once via Ping.fm.  If you do need that sort of versatility though, this could be an ideal single app solution.

You can find Seesmic for iPhone in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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