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WWDC 2010 – What We’re Looking Forward To

WWDC 2010

Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Apple’s WWDC 2010 event is under one week away now – at 12:00PM US Central on Monday June 7th. The focus is expected to be very much on the iPhone and there’s a lot to look forward to for iPhone fans (or even fanboys if you prefer) like our team here at JAiB.

So I thought this might be as good a time as any to share some of what we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing about at this year’s WWDC keynote.  Hit the jump for a few thoughts on this from several of our contributors .

Brandon S

Here’s my – I hope so list for WWDC:

New iPhone 4G. (Duh)
AT&T turning on tethering immediately – with no added fees. Limiting data usage to 3-5GB per month and charging a flat fee of $30 more if you need to go beyond 3-5GB.
Cable tethering to the iPad.
Flash plugin – turn it off if you don’t want it.
Exclusivity coming to an end? I want to know if Verizon, t-mobile or Sprint is going to get the iPhone.
Unlocking. I want Apple to address why the heck AT&T will unlock everything else but the iPhone.
User accounts on the iPad.

As far as the iPhone 4G – I don’t know any of the specs. I hope they address improving the battery life, more speed, more memory.


Here’s some of what I’m hoping and expecting to hear:

— Confirmation of just about all we’ve already seen leaked about the new iPhone model (iPhone HD or iPhone 4 or whatever it ends up being called) – fast A4 processor as used in the iPad or similar, much higher resolution screen, front-facing camera and videochat capability, 512MB of RAM (not the 256MB found in iFixIt’s last teardown).  And hopefully a bit more in terms of new specs and design – as in, something not yet leaked out and seen in spy photos.

— Steve raving about how much better the battery life will be on the new model

— At least one ‘lost iPhone’ joke told by Steve and / or shown in the slide show

— More / final details on iPhone OS 4.0, and a quick release date for it – not more than 2 weeks after the keynote.

— News on iTunes.com

And some longer shots / wish-list items:

— Anything about a better notifications system in OS 4

— News on Verizon / other US carriers getting the iPhone this year or even in 2011

— iPad OS 4 news

— News on tethering on AT&T and tethering for the iPad

Brandon K

I think this is one of Apple’s most hotly anticipated keynotes in a long time, and that’s saying something.  It’s interesting that the anticipation is building for two things – a new iPhone and Steve Jobs.

With regards to the new iPhone, I hope we see it and I hope it goes on sale soon.  The flat back of the prototype seems a little odd, but the rest of it looks pretty cool.  I wouldn’t mind seeing that get introduced as the new phone.  I’m hoping for more storage, a faster phone, and a better screen.  I don’t really care if it goes to Verizon or not since Verizon is even more expensive than AT&T.  What will be interesting to see is how much it will be without an upgrade charge, as I have no intentions on re-upping with AT&T and their new beefed up ETF.

As for the OS, it’d be great if it were released that day, or even later in the week.  The sooner the new iPhone comes, the sooner we get the new OS.

With regards to Steve Jobs, it will be interesting to see how he responds to a variety of things:  Gizmodo, Adobe, and his personal e-mails.  Personally, I hope he ignores Gizmodo and Adobe.  I think he’s said his peace when it comes to Flash, so there’s no need to beat a dead horse. 

As for Gizmodo, I think they’ve received more than enough attention.  Their checkbook journalism-style of reporting news is disturbing, and I would hate for Steve to give them any more pub than they’ve already purchased… er, received.

I’m looking forward to the event.  I think safe bets are on a new iPhone and a release date for the new OS.  My fingers are crossed for a date of:  Soon!

Michael C

I’d like to hear Steve actually talk about the Adobe issue. I want to hear his new thoughts following all the media that followed his post and the Adobe founders reply.

Also it would be great to find out if he IS actually the one responding randomly to all these emails sent to his address. Given the amount of time he claims to spend with engineering teams and the breadth of Apple’s product offering, I find this hard to believe.

On the iPhone I hope he’s going to offer more than a 256mb version that’s been reported


Just imagine, Gray Powell (the Apple Engineer who lost the next gen iPhone) walking out and handing the new iPhone to Steve before the keynote. That would be pretty awesome!  I am also hoping since we’ve waited so long for an OS update that OS 4 will be released the same day for download.  :Fingers crossed:  I would die, if Steve announced Apple bought Dropbox and it’s now part of MobileMe, which desperately needs a facelift.  Steve’s one more thing, here is the new MobileMe and it’s free!  No more white cord, OTA sync and backups.  We will find out soon enough…

Michael L

I’d like to see Steve address the Foxconn issues.  They seem to make a lot of sustainability claims around green, but curious to see how he addresses the human condition and the vetting process on how they choose manufacturers.

I’ve been getting notes from friends saying they’re dropping the iPhone (which they are/were insanely in love with) and are now comparing them to "blood diamonds."  Extreme?  I think so.  But that’s a reality in my small world, so I wonder what others say/think.


No big WWDC dreams in my head aside from the standard announcement of the iPhone 4G/whatever it’s called, and a big reveal about the other iPhone OS 4.0 features that may not have hit the beta yet. I don’t expect many, but I’m guessing they’ve held a couple of things back only available on the newest device.

If we had to hear a "one more thing", then I’d love it to be internet tethering over wi-fi. If we could have what Froyo has, I think we’d all be a lot happier and healthier.

What are you all looking forward to at Steve’s keynote? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bren

    Better notifications would be awesome and a nice little update to the honescreen. Definitely gives android a 1 up on us iPhone users!! 😉

  • My prediction:

    iPad sales through the roof 2 million in 2 months
    new iPhone
    iAD (or whatever its called)
    OS 4, multitasking and battery life, (ignores elephant in room of terrible notification system)
    iTunes.com compared with MobileMe enhancements (maybe new pricing)?

    I don't expect:
    Anything about exclusivity
    Anything about flash
    Anything about Foxconn
    Anything about Macbook/Macbook Pros
    Anything about tethering

    What I want but won't get:
    Better notifications
    Legal iPhone tethering
    More useful MobileMe (immediately)

    What I want and will get:
    Faster iPhone, zoom camera, flash camera, better resolution, a quick save state, type of multitasking