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MoneyBook for iPhone gets major update to 2.0: backup and view finances with myMoneyBook

This MoneyBook update was actually released yesterday, but I wanted to wait a day to check the service out a little more, and to make sure this bit of news didn’t get lost in all of the WWDC madness.


As the change log above shows, MoneyBook now features built-in online with a new password-protected service called myMoneyBook. Not only does this web sync serve as a very convenient backup (you had to export your MoneyBook history as Excel files in previous versions), but it also allows you to view your synced finances at any time from any desktop. myMoneyBook shows you charts, graphs, and everything you might want to know about the information you’ve entered into the app. To view the website, just log in at www.moneybookapp.com.

Custom Categories

I haven’t ever needed to tweak this so far, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t been able to. MoneyBook 2.0 now includes toggles for every single default category, and includes the option for you to create your own. I haven’t needed any more categories than the ones already provided, but I have switched half of them off so that everything is now on one screen when I create a New Transaction.

If you don’t know about MoneBook, you can check out my review of version 1.0 here. I’ve kept the app on my device ever since I reviewed it, and with updates like this, I doubt it will ever leave my first Home Page.

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