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Icebird for iPhone updated to 1.1: landscape support,

[Update: Apparently the lack of tap-n-hold is due to my iPhone 4.0 GM firmware. Icebird’s dev says he can’t guarantee that the feature will work on all devices, which is definitely a bit of a bummer. Upcoming version 1.11 may fix this, though.]

Icebird (review) should be my primary Twitter client on the iPhone, but one of its awesome new features seems to be bugged. The new landscape mode, in-line image previews, and improved loading speed really are solid additions, but the “tap and hold on links to save them for later reading” bit is what I’m having trouble with.

I’ve been tapping and holding on all sorts of links within the app, but all I get are the options to “Open” or “Copy” the link, when this screenshot clearly shows that there should be a third. I’ve tried this with both Read It Later and Instapaper, but neither one will show up when I tap and hold.

I’ve reached out to the developer over Twitter for an answer, but if anybody figures this out in the meantime, please do share in the comments.

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