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Visualize your day with Diacarta for iPhone

Released on 25 June 2010, Diacarta is the name of a new app that creates a visual plan of your day via pictograms that hover around a central clock icon. Events, tasks or reminders in picture form. Sounds simple? It is. Visually appealing? Indeed. Will I use it regularly? We ‘ll see.

The first thing that struck me about Diacarta is the stylish look. It reminds me a textured paper of a diary or personal journal. Something I appreciate to no end “ when a developer designs an app with the iPhone in mind. The UI interface is straightforward and not cluttered. Swiping takes you forward by day and by am and pm. You can add an event by the (+) button, choose from 50 icons, entering time, place and details as desired. Create a visual reminder for an unscheduled task. Drag an icon to adjust time. Depending on your task load, your day is displayed before you as a picture.

So much for the theory. The husband and wife team of Jake and Georgia Yanchar have done their homework and prepared a framework for iPhone users to test and adapt for their daily personal needs. Will it work for me?

I like to think I ‘m an individualist and that my needs would not be easily translatable to the fixed format of this kind of app. In this case, there are only a few things that could be a possible source of irritation e.g. no icon for my specific regular task – which is solved by the blank bubble. But could we perhaps buy or commission additional icons? The separation of day between am and pm would be another, since it ‘s not a concept that is familiar to me. I prefer to display my day as a whole (my day is an ‘awake phase ‘ so to speak). An event that starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm is not displayed together but is separated by swipe. Not ideal.

And one last thing to mention here “ I need integration with iCal or other apps so I don ‘t have to enter events or tasks twice or three times.  This latter wish is on the to “ do list, or should I say on the Diacarta visual map for the developers, who have pledged to improve and enhance the app for other mobile platforms including iPad and Blackberry and to work out syncing and integration possibilities with other apps.

If you are someone who likes things like mind maps or visuals in general, I ‘d recommend giving Diacarta (iTunes link) a try. The app is available for $ 1.99 on the App store.

A video is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyA0PQGZPAk

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  • Jeremy

    I could see this being a valuable lock screen widget, if apple were to allow such. As an actual app that I have to go into I find it quite inefficient.