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iPhone 4 Tip: How To Put a Call on Hold

place call on hold on iPhone 4

If you ‘ve got an iPhone 4, you ‘ve likely noticed that there is no longer a Hold button in the Phone app.  It was nudged out of the way to make room for one of the star features of the newest iPhone, Face Time video chat.

Many people have pointed out that the Mute button does not achieve the same result as the old hold button did, since it only mutes sound at your side and continues to let you hear the other end of the call.

There is still a very easy way to place a call on hold on the iPhone 4 though.  All you need to do is hold down the Mute button for 2-3 seconds during a call.  Voila “ that switches to call on hold status.  A single tap while it ‘s in that status resumes the call. 

Hope this is helpful for those of you who may have been missing the Hold button.  Thanks to the guys at Mac OS X Hints for the tip on this.

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