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Review: My Writing Nook for iPhone v1.8.1


It goes without saying that having the right tools and materials for any job is of paramount importance in overseeing the task at hand, and that is what led me on my hunt for some writing and storage apps after having made the decision to take writing more seriously.

There are tonnes of options in the rapidly expanding iTunes App Store, but one that caught my eye because of its simplistic, flexible and handy features was My Writing Nook by PT Software Solutions. Here’s an excerpt from the App description on their Home Page;

the MWN iPhone App allows you to have an uncluttered writing environment with you when you’re on the go. You’ll have full access to the latest versions of your documents because the App keeps them in synch painlessly.

I can already envision you listing plenty of Apps that boast the same in your head but what really makes MWN stand out is how all of these features are integrated.

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Here are some of the features:

Write in portrait or landscape. Unleash those thumbs!

  • Autosave – Syncs easily with the free My Writing Nook web app so you don’t need to worry about document management. You can have the latest version of your docs with you all the time, so throw away the thought of losing your work when that iPhone battery dies out on you, as this App automatically saves your work as you progress.
    Word Count – Very handy in keeping your article on track.
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus lookup – No need to quit the App to perform a word lookup, there’s a built-in dictionary for that.
  • Email Documents – In addition to syncing, you can also Email your finished articles.
  • Unlimited Documents “ Create as many articles with the ability to colour code as you desire —  the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Options to toggle fonts and font sizes, auto correction, and passcode lock your content from prying eyes are also available through the settings pane.

When paired with the Web Application of the same name, all that My Writing Nook needs is a Google account, since it runs on Google’s infrastructure. The web interface also offers an additional means of saving your work on your desktop in .txt format.

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My writing nook

Whether the autosave or built in Dictionary alone justify the price tag is up to you, but if total peace of mind is anything to go by, this might just be straight up your alley in making sure your precious work is saved as it progresses. Overall, I find it to be a very user friendly tool for writers, whatever your writing taste is (novels, blogging, jotting down ideas, etc.).


  • Secure with passcode lock
  • Auto save while you write
  • Built in Dictionary
  • Syncing and accessible with multiple platforms
  • Clean, unobtrusive user interface


  • Google Email account required to sync
  • No Dedicated Categories
  • App is not Universal

MWN is available for both the iPhone and iPad. [iTunes Link]

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