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Thinking of downgrading that 3G? Try this first!


Many have been plagued by the slowdown that is iOS4 on iPhone 3G. So much so that many have been tempted to go through a somewhat painstaking process to downgrade their iPhones. Apple Genius Bar gurus closely involved with the customer issues also confirm having to assist customers downgrade due to performance issues.

But this evening, renowned 17 year old iPhone hacker @comex points to what seems to be a helpful post on the ModMyi.com forums. Apparently the performance issue may have something to do with spotlight, and by disabling this feature (Settings/General/Spotlight) (Settings-General-Home Button-Spotlight-thanks for the correction in the comments!) many have seen large performance gains. Let us know in the comments how this tip works for you if you’re currently using a 3G and iOS4.

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  • Loopez

    Settings -> General -> i dont have this option ( 3G with 4.0.1 )

  • mlumb

    I can't find the setting on my wife's 3G either.

  • pererau

    It is settIngs > general > home button > spotlight. I'll let you know if it works for me.

  • Thank you for pointing that out! They should be under Settings-General-Home Button-Spotlight.

  • Thanks for the pointer! It's possibly a tiny bit faster, but still not ideal.

    FWIW: There isn't an off/disable switch as such, you need to go to Settings-General-Home Button-Spotlight, then disable each search type individually

  • Richard

    Hmmmm, if it’s slowing down 3G iPhones, maybe it’s causing battery drain on 3GS iPhones?

    Gonna try this on my 3GS now then!

  • Geoff

    I'll give it a try. Anything has to be better than 4.0 on a 3G!!!!!

  • This works! My 3G is super fast in comparison to what it was. Everything runs smoother and applications, particularly iBooks, opens a lot quicker. Thanks.

  • Heath

    It works, Thanks