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Quick Look: free version of Notified App for iPhone [Jailbreak]

The free version of the Notified App hit Cydia last night (via the ModMyI source), and it’s definitely worth a look. The app keeps track of all of your recent notifications — local, push, or otherwise — and organizes them into a list for your reviewing pleasure.

Notification are grouped by the app that generated them, and you can even bookmark important notifications or choose which app to launch from inside Notified (great for Boxcar users). I’ve folded up the lists for Beejive and Things in the above screenshot, but their items look just like the Clock notifications at the bottom.

It should be stated that Notified doesn’t currently block your notification pop-ups, but rather serves as a hub to see up to 50 of your most recent notifications. So it’s really more of an addition to the current notification system, instead of the dramatic overhaul that the app tagline “Notifications the way Apple should have made them” would suggest. I do like everything about the UI designed by Daniel Waldron, though: it’s crisp and clean looking, and I especially dig the app’s logo.

As it says in the title of the post , this is just the free version. The devs seem to have something else up their sleeved with regards to features if we can take a hint from the screenshots on the Notified App website. It seems like the full paid version will actually sit in the status bar and draw over the iPhone UI, in a similar manner to SBSettings. Exactly when this version is due is still unclear, but Emilio just announced the price ($2.99) earlier this afternoon. The best way to keep track of the future release date is to follow NotifiedApp’s Twitter account.

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  • MeS

    It would be great if they added an audio/vibrate alert reminder, since apple thinks that you are one of those self involved people that has to pull out their phone every 5 minutes to check if someone needs them.

    • After a day of using this, I couldn’t agree more. Definitely needs to vibrate or sound when specific alerts come in, but don’t pop up (which you can now specify in v1.1)

  • MeS

    That is the only reason I have held onto intelliscreen, it has been surpassed by lockinfo for looks and UI. I just can't believe there are no other options out there…

    • peter

      check out "notifier" in cydia

      • MeS

        Audio alerts, not having to turn on/look at my phone to know!

        • Notified Pro solves some of that. Alerts still keep audio, esp. with the Notification Bar plugin.

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