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Still waiting for iPhone 4 in Austria

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Apple has really hit this one out of the ball park. Despite ‘Antennagate ‘, interest in the iPhone 4 has not dissipated. It is not possible to walk into a T-mobile or Orange shop and purchase the latest iPhone model, which made its debut in Austria as well as in 16 other countries this past Friday. There are no iPhone 4 units readily available via resellers or carriers. You can try your luck and order a unit via the carriers ‘ online shops or put your name on already long waiting lists, with no guaranteed delivery date.

Both carriers claim to have delivered (and are still continuously preparing for delivery) thousands and thousands of iPhones to customers on a first-ordered-first-served basis. For those still waiting for their orders to come in, comfort phrases like ‘we ‘re doing our best, please be patient, we didn ‘t get enough to fill demand, it ‘s on its way ‘ do not fly.

For me, this is a personal odyssey. I was one of those who pre-ordered during the short 2-day window of opportunity given to us 2 weeks ago. Having followed the iPhone 4 ‘s sales in other countries, I knew that it would be difficult to get one on launch day. What I didn ‘t expect was contradictory information given from T-mobile reps, their ignorance of their own procedures or a chaotic system which does not appear to follow it ‘s own ‘first come first serve ‘ (typo theirs). I have heard all the promises by now and now resign myself to a wait of days or weeks.

There are those who deride my frustration with ‘it ‘s just a phone It ‘s Apple ‘s fault for not producing enough ‘ or similar. Maybe. But the fact of the matter is T-mobile lured thousands of their customers into the pre-order system with the slogan ‘existing customers have an advantage ‘ (Orange made no such bold claims or promises and has been quietly delivering phones to their customers). Of course we opted to prolong our contracts to get a better price, which was coupled with a switch to a new subscription plan. The contract change was implemented immediately and some began to pay more for their new plan right away. Now, who knows when the phones will come, but T-mobile is already happy about customers newly bound for another 2 years. And there are reports that a few who ordered last week received packages 2 days later. Not really seeing any advantage.

What irks me the most is the utter lack of professional customer care. I have still yet to receive any kind of notice that there is a delay with delivery. I have no idea when I ‘ll get the phone. And I ‘m already stuck in the contract for 2 more years with no way out even if I was dissatisfied. Carriers seem to have a pretty sweet deal.

Are you still waiting for the iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments.

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  • blablablub

    i'm from austria and got mine from orange on the release day, whitch i bought it in the webshop a week ago.
    i guess that was luck!