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Oh The Irony – Jailbreak App Protects Against iOS Security Hole

PDF Loading Warner app

Yesterday we reported that Jailbreakme.com works because a of major PDF-based bug in iOS. This bug potentially allows hackers of all kinds to access your personal information stored on your iOS device. We also reported that a temporary solution is available via terminal command lines and working with your iOS device’s internal file system. This solution is not a fix, just a way to warn you every time Mobile Safari attempts to download a PDF file.

Today, Will Strafach has released the same solution via a Cydia-based package called "PDF Loading Warner."

By all accounts, this current security vulnerability in iOS is quite a severe one, and one that could easily lead to some malicious exploits until Apple patches it (which will likely be very soon).  In the meantime, of course there ‘s the jailbreak tool mentioned above “ which should help to keep you safe from exploits trying to go that route. 

This is not the first time that a jailbreak app has offered a greater level of security awareness and prevention than can be had on a stock iPhone.  In the past we ‘ve seen a firewall app that alerts you to all outgoing connections from your iPhone and lets you approve or deny them on a per app basis, and other similar tools.

Via: 9to5Mac

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