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A few notes on Notified Pro for iPhone [Jailbreak]

[Update 10/5: Notified Pro has since been updated to v1.5 and now supports statusbar icons, incoming mail notifications, and three custom notification plugins: Statusbar, Notificationbar, and GriP.]

The paid version of Notified App hit the Cydia Store yesterday. It costs a cool $2.99 and nets you all the features of the free version (duh, Thomas!), but also allows you to call upon the app from any screen with a simple Activator gesture (wow, Thomas!).

If you haven ‘t seen my quick look at the free version of Notified, you may want to do so before you read this piece, since I ‘ll just be busting out a set of notes about what ‘s different in Pro.

Notified Everywhere ” Since Notified can be summoned through Activator (just like SBSettings), it ‘s easier than ever to take a look at your logged notifications at any time. I ‘ve programmed the list to come up with a bottom-left swipe, but I ‘m still not quite sure about how to make it go away. A press of the home button works, a tap on the bottom of the list works *sometimes*, and using the bottom-left gesture also seems to toggle Notified off. However, I think Notified is significantly less intuitive than SBSettings, when it comes to dismissing it from the screen.

Blocking Alerts from within Notified ” Both the free and paid versions of Notified can selectively block different types of notification pop-ups (calendar, push, messages, etc.), but the only way to check for new information then is to look at app badges or load Notified up.
However, blocking pop-ups from within Notified isn ‘t a very good solution at the moment, since it ends up blocking related sound and vibration alerts, as well.
I ‘m using a separate jailbreak app called Notifier to display a status icon whenever the Notified badge lights up, but still doesn ‘t provide any sound or vibration alerts when I receive any type of push notifications.

Blocking Alerts from within Settings.app ” The other method I tried to cut down on my pop-ups was to selectively de-activate alerts for apps that are better suited to Notified (Beejive is a good example of this). I did this by going to Settings -> Notifications and then setting Alerts for Beejive to Off.
My hope was that I could still benefit from the sound, vibration, and badge alerts for incoming messages, but get rid of the rather pesky pop-ups. After all, I could always just check the Notified Drawer to see what messages were just sent, right? Wrong, apparently.
It seems that setting an app ‘s Alerts to Off prevents even Notified from logging the notifications. To make a long story short: you won ‘t want to turn Alerts off.

Quick Button Fix needed ” the actual Notified app that launches from the Springboard icon works perfectly, but Notified Pro ‘s overlay still needs a quick fix. It ‘s currently impossible to clean your list of notifications, despite repeated taps on the ‘Clear ‘ button (although this does reset the Notified app badge correctly). The Notified Twitter account has stated a fix is coming soon, though.

I quite like Notified Pro so far and consider it a $2.99 well spent, but I have yet to be convinced that it ‘s really a real game changer as far as notifications are concerned. However, I do have hope in the free, open-source plugins that the developer plans to release, which will feature custom pop-ups, among other things.

Notified Pro is available for $2.99 on the Cydia Store.

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  • Don't forget LockInfo, it can the same and much more for 4.99$

  • G.-R.

    hey, I like the Pro version too, but I'd like very much to know where to find the settings. This new version as no icon and it doesn't appear in the iphone's settings page. Also, what's up with this Notification Bar for Notified Pro that appear in Cydia since then. The screenshot looks pretty cool, but I have installed it and (again) can't find settings anywhere.

  • G.-R.

    actually found out answers to all my questions and I thought others could benefit.

    There wasn’t any icon and the settings button (cog in the lower left corner of the slide in notification area) didn’t work until I rebooted the iPhone. Once I did, everything worked there.

    Bigger and far more interesting news: the “notification bar for notified” I mentioned also needed a reboot and what does exactly what you were looking for. It replaces alerts with an unintrusive bar at the bottom of the screen. No need to close that bar to keep operating apps on the iphone. The bar is visible on lock screen, clicking on the notification icon in the bar takes you to the relevant app.

    If you want it to work:
    _install the “notification bar for notified” from cydia
    _turn on alerts for individual apps in settings/notifications
    _in the settings of notified pro, go to Manage Alerts and disable alerts to your liking
    I have only tested it with Push alerts, but I’m assuming the notification bar works the same with other alerts (messages, voicemail, etc)

    Again this is a full replacement for alerts, it works like a charm, and it is a notification dream come true.

    Screenshot of the notification bar: http://modmyi.com/mmi/upload/4c59c888d6a65.png

  • Thanks for the neat info on the app bro. Definitely worth checking out 🙂

  • Aleksander Himmel

    Yes, it does – slide the finger from the top to bottom and there it is.

    • Ooo, so it can be summoned through Activator now? Thanks for the info, may check it out soon.

  • dan

    how to fix the endless spinning wheel? notified does nothing!

    • joshbecker

      I'm in the same boat on my iPhone 4 using OS 4.0.1

      • The spinning wheel bug should be fixed soon, I think. I'm pretty sure I saw as much on the Notified Wiki.

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  • joshbecker

    Yeah, my Notified now seems to display Facebook notifications but doesn't really show notifications properly for most other things.

    Hopefully there will be an update soon!

  • Aleksander Himmel

    Yes, through Activator.

  • tasha

    i have installed the notified app and rebooted my phone, still the app does nothing. is there anything else that i should do?

    • you might need to reinstall if you don't see the Notified icon on your springboard. Notified Pro should also have a MobileSubstrate extension that you can map to an Activator gesture. If you don't have Activator, just install SBSettings and you'll see it in your settings.

      To really take advantage of Notified Pro, you're also going to want to install the plugin for it. Search Cydia for Notification Bar and install it. You'll then see all of your pop-ups as little bars at the bottom of your screen. It's still a little buggy, but working well for me.

  • Will


    I have the notification bar working but how do I stop the default iOS box from popping up? I'm running 3.1.3 on a 3G

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  • phinn

    @G.-R. I have the same problem, what you said installed the awesome notifier which is what everyone has been looking for. The problem is now I still have that stupid Alert pop-up on screen in addition to the notification bar.

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