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Pocket Informant 1.52 hits the App Store

Well, I told you WebIS moves fast in my review last week. Pocket Informant version 1.52 had already been submitted to the App Store by the time I finished, and it hit the App Store this afternoon. Here is a list of notable features included in this update:

1. New Appearance Settings for Today, Overdue, and Priority Colors.
2. Added ability to tap/hold any location in Map to set a location.
3. Improved iOS4 features such as Context Location Notifications, Local Alarms.
4. Improved reliability throughout.
5. Improved sync reliability.
6. Continued support of iOS 3.13

This is more of a bug fix update than anything else, but the 2 main feature additions are welcomed. The new Appearance menu takes settings that had been scattered through the General, Today, Calendar, and Task menus and puts them in one place. This helps in cutting down on menu clutter, which is always good.

WebIS also included the ability to adjust all of the color settings for different conditions and priorities of Events and Tasks from within the new Appearance menu.

For those of us who remember PI from Windows Mobile, this addition just inches us ever closer to parity with the incredible array of features that made their way into the original version of the app. Pocket Informant for iPhone is already the most customizable PIM app in the App Store, so now there is just more to love.

The other notable addition is the ability to tap and hold to set a Context Location in the Map interface.

I actually had a slight issue with this during my testing of this feature in 1.51. I didn’t mention it, as it is fairly minor and because the issue is actually on Google’s end. For some reason, Google Maps no logger recognizes my home address. It used to work, but for some reason, it now points to a similar address a street away from my house. When I tried to set up my house for my Home context for Context Location Notifications, I just couldn’t get it to work. If I had been at home, I could have used the Current Location feature to set it up, but I was out of town at the time, so that wasn’t an option. I finally just got as close as I could and gave up. Now I can set up locations anywhere I want, from anywhere. It is really nice to see WebIS go the extra mile here to get past some limitations with Google’s service and polish this new feature.

For you Pocket Informant HD users out there, you will be glad to know that there is an update for you, as well. It includes many bug fixes for the iPad’s first version that was recently released.

By the way, did I mention that WebIS is fast? From my conversations with Alex Kac last week, Version 1.6, which includes Native Calendar support is right around the corner.

You can find WebIS’ Pocket Informant in the App Store here.

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  • Dele

    Thanks for taking the time to review and post. I have been unable to use the Local Alarms feature successfully. Maybe, I'm doing something wrong. Also, the Desktop Outlook Sync feature, is to say the least, buggy. Hopefully, that will be moot with version 1.6.
    Anyway, I'd appreciate it, if you have suggestions for setting up the Local Alarms feature.

  • jhrogersii

    I have not personally been affected by this issue, but I did see where some others had. I also noticed that the App Store upgrade screen for PI 1.52 had some instructions about getting alarms working after upgrading. Unfortunately, you can't get back to that screen after updating, and I don't remember all of the exact steps. I also looked at their site and did not see anything. I did find this in the 1.52 release notes:

    Bug(62463): Improvements to Local Alarm generation on iOS 4 to hopefully tune better for iOS 4 alarm limits

    From what I can recall, you go to Settings-Advanced-Erase Local Data-Reset Push Alarms and do a reset. This should re-create the alarms for you. I just don't remember if there were other recommended steps. Also, be sure you do a sync and a PI Backup before you try this, just to be on the safe side. Have you already tried this? If not, maybe this will help? I hope so. If not, have you ever gotten on the forums over at WebIs.net? Alex and Chris are pretty good about responding to requests. If my suggestion doesn't fix your problem, try asking over there.

    I know that Outlook Sync is technically still in beta, so I am not surprised to hear that it is a bit flaky. At least when 1.6 comes out, you will have the option to use the Native Calendar database. You will lose wireless sync, but if it is more stable, maybe it will be worth the trade off.

    Let me know how things turn out.